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I'll be "Om" for Christmas

Jennifer's Journal

"I am so (expletive) sick of Christmas music." This sentiment was expressed by someone at our last fitness class for the season, a class which had been filled with upbeat holiday tunes.

Unfortunately, this sentiment is shared by many at this time of year. A time when people value world peace and the true spirit of generosity has become a season of dread for many.

Why do we feel this way at Christmas-time? Has consumerism taken over the joy of giving? Perhaps. But I have witnessed enough selfless giving so far this season to restore my faith in the true meaning of Christmas.

Some of you may have attended a benefit for one of my co-workers recently. Her partner is suffering from a fatal disease in the Regina Hospital and the benefit was meant to replenish much of what has gone into travelling between here and Regina to visit him.

What many of you don't know is that the school where her children attend gave her a very generous donation of gifts for her kids and food for the holidays, knowing that she did not have much time and resources to spend on Christmas shopping this year. They gave this donation under the guise of prizes from a contest she had apparently "won."

Another great benefit saw many of you donate to a local family with a sick child. This was a great outpouring of generosity that touched the members of the family deeply.

The support given to a young family who was facing the birth of their daughter without healthcare coverage is another example of the Christmas spirit working in Weyburn. The community, particularly the child?s school and the father?s workplace, rallied around this family and supported them in the ways that they could, including a very generous $800 donation that was given to the family anonymously.

This kind of giving at Christmas wakes us up from our shopping, wrapping, spending frenzy and gives a feeling of worth; of doing something for another person out of the goodness of our hearts.

Every year, as the credit card bill grows and the bank account dwindles, we get discouraged. We wonder, "What is it all worth?" But as the Salvation Army Kettle fills and families in-need get to have a special Christmas thanks to the generosity of strangers, we remember the true meaning of Christmas - love for your neighbour and peace for all of mankind.

As for world peace, I suggest using meditation to bring peace to your own world. Namaste...and Merry Christmas!