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Leakage from 2020?

My Nikkel's Worth column

I’m afraid to let you all know this way … but I think there is some leakage of sorts going on. We’re seeing remnants of 2020 staining the beginning parts of 2021, and it’s not pretty.

The craziness in Washington, D.C., with the mobs attacking the Capitol Building, was kind of a scary way to start a new year — and hey, it’s not over yet.

We have Joe Biden’s inauguration to come yet, and there are dire warnings from the FBI and others that if this impeachment process for Trump goes through, there may be riots all across the United States.

Watching from the safety of Canada, I have to say, Number 1, I am just happy I’m not American, and Number 2, this impeachment effort only one week away from Biden’s inauguration is ridiculous and spiteful.

We get it, the Democrats hate Trump — but seriously, days before he leaves? What’s the point? Just so they can say no other president has ever been impeached twice?

What would make far more sense is to take legal action against Trump after his term of office is done, and take the time to do a proper court case. Rushing through an impeachment this fast just before he’s leaving would have no actual value beyond giving Democrats a platform to continue denouncing Trump.

I should also back up a bit and say in regard to not being American, I’m under no delusions that we in Canada are so much better. Our federal leader, Justin Trudeau, may be better at doing selfies with fans, but he’s no prize.

He thinks nothing of us in the West, and has no qualms about hurting us with a tax increase while lying and saying he would never raise the carbon tax.

Only a heartless, unfeeling leader would stubbornly go and raise the regressive carbon tax during a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, with absolutely no regard for the economic harm that it’s inflicting on this province.

Meantime, we await a new leader for our southern neighbours to take office — and as much as American media is in love with him (mostly because he’s not Trump) it remains to be seen whether he is going to hurt or help Canada. We are obviously not Biden’s priority, so there’s no guarantee he’s going to be good for this country.