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Letter: Get well soon, Mr. Premier

A letter to the editor on Premier Moe's COVID-19 positive test.
moe nov.25
Premier Scott Moe at a press conference regarding extending public health order on Nov. 25, 2021.

Dear editor: 

I’m sorry to hear that Premier Scott Moe tested positive for COVID-19. I hope that he is doing alright and receiving the best medical attention from his doctor.

I hope he will be using the full resources available to him as the premier of Saskatchewan to look into the manufacturer of the mask he was or has been wearing.  

I have to believe this was a faulty mask, otherwise I can see no other reason why you, Premier Moe, and your doctor would extend the mask mandate. I know you and your doctor would not want the Saskatchewan people going out there into the world of COVID fearing the masks we are wearing are not up to the standards that you, the premier of Saskatchewan, would wear.  

So as I said earlier, I hope there will be a investigation in to this.   

After a full and open investigation, we will find out what happened and hold this mask manufacturer accountable. After all, it has been you and your doctor that have told us the only way through this pandemic is to wear our masks and show our vaccine passports, so how can we carry on doing this if we do not have full trust in the masks we wear and the full support of you and your doctor telling us that masks will keep us safe.  

Again Premier Moe, I hope you have a quick recovery and are able to get a full investigative team to look into this matter. After all we would not want the rumour mill to start thinking that masks don’t work.  

Troy Duncan