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Local news matters more than ever

During National Newspaper Week, Glacier Media's Prairie News Group officially announces, a website that serves a region and beyond
Sasktoday logo, officially announced.

This summer, we did something bold. You may have noticed.

Glacier Media's Prairie News Group has chosen this, National Newspaper Week, to officially announce, a website that serves a region – and beyond – with the local award-winning news reporting that has been going on in our province for decades, including that of this newspaper.

Studies show that nine in 10 Canadians read newspapers each week across Canada – either in print or digital format. With all the world sharing their opinions online, it's imperative today for local newspapers to continue to offer their fact-based reporting to Canadians.

Credible information is more important than ever – and our local newspapers are much more than printed products. is the culmination of months of planning, research and labour to compel today's digital technology to meet our vision. There's nothing else just like it on the Canadian news scene.

Local news has always mattered. That's never been so true as it is today as our world becomes an ever   smaller place. Local events, happenings and stories of all kinds are impacted – and even evoked – by a larger world of current events and global occurrences, such as the historic pandemic we are still working our way through.

On you will find your local news, and the local news of your neighbours and your fellow Saskatchewanians. We have reinvigorated 12 newsrooms across the province, connecting them digitally and with a collaborative goal to continue the time-honoured institute of local news reporting.

We have made a significant investment in this new site. New hardware, new software, more news contributors and importantly, more journalists.

We are drawing on resources of fellow Glacier news organizations as well the federal Local Journalism Initiative to augment our local news and agriculture coverage. We also have journalists working out of Saskatoon and Regina, covering news that resonates with readers across the province.

You can impact our coverage as well, through a tips link on every story.

When you visit our home page at, you will see local news has the starring role. You will also find local sports, local arts, COVID-19 coverage, opinion pieces and columns, plus agriculture news. In addition, we have national and international news by The Canadian Press. is bringing it all together for you. Your local news, your neighbour’s local news, your fellow Saskatchewanians’ local news, your world’s local news. It all comes together here.

Visit to see how your hometown news is part of a world of stories impacting all our lives