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Offending the defenders

Jennifer's Journal

Like many of you, I was angry, saddened and even a bit ashamed after seeing this weekend's unfortunate display of vandalism to the downtown memorial Cenotaph. This apparent cry for attention was obviously done by someone who is incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions. And as selfish as this act was, it seemed to be a very important cause to this person or persons, considering the lengths and risks that must have been taken to scale the 20-foot high statue and base.

What the graffiti said in its entirety I could not be sure as the City ensured it was cleaned as well as it could be as soon as possible. What was apparent is that it was a message conveying dissatisfaction with the military system and war in general.

Protesting is one thing, I mean, it's a free country. In fact, that is one of the things those soldiers whose memorial was desecrated were fighting for. Today, Canadians have freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression thanks to the defenders of our way of life. This kind of war protest is hippy idealism turned destructive.

This accuser of war-mongering did not even have the nerve to bring their protest to the Cenotaph during the Remembrance Day ceremony to spew their anti-war rhetoric at the veterans who will be present. I guess this gag would lose its appeal if the culprit had to face the people they are insulting.

I'm sure they are very impressed with the stir they have caused but people can't help but be upset and shocked by such a blatant disregard for the people who served our country today and yesterday, particularly our World War II veterans who endured great hardships and suffered massive losses.

When I spoke to Mayor Debra Button she compared the crime to drowning a bag of kittens or pushing an old grandma. This speaks to the fact that the true victims in this crime are completely innocent in this assault, having done nothing more than pay the ultimate price for maintaining our liberty.

What our local veterans and military families deserve is a chance to get a face-to-face meeting with the offensive offender and tell them about the injustices they have seen and the corrupt tyrannical governments of countries where they have served.

The point is: soldiers don't start wars they fight them, but that is who this crime hurts, not the government.

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