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Phones and all-stars

All kinds of crazy observations this week. I can't help it, please forgive. Let's start with cell phones.

All kinds of crazy observations this week. I can't help it, please forgive.

Let's start with cell phones. Why is it that I've been observing more people driving and texting and phoning in their vehicles since the anti-cell phone law was enacted in January than I saw before it was against the law?

If one can die while chasing a wayward Cheeto, think about what a text messaging process could mean. Well, I guess there isn't much more than that is there?

I understand they're teaching cell phone apps use in some schools, while in other schools, they're banned during classes. I would hope so.

The idea of teaching a little phone protocol might be lessons well learned because quite frankly, I occasionally find people's abrupt dismissal of others they are with to slavishly respond to nuisance texts and calls, downright rude. I bet I'm not the only one. There should be rules of etiquette applied to cell phone/texting, just like they should be enforced around the dinner table, behind the wheel of a vehicle and other social settings.

But hey, I'm just fondly recalling those good old days. You know that time when Netscape was an important browser. Ah yes, I long for those long forgotten Netscape mouse adventures.


OK, I understand the NHL is going to try another format for the selection of their all-star teams this year. The selection process will be one wherein the respective captains get to pick their team via the same route we used to select our pick-up teams on Saturday afternoons . One guy wins the toss, he makes his top pick and then the other guy picks and so on until somebody's little brother is the last guy to go and he's scarred for life with the memories of being the last guy picked.

So will the last guys picked for the all-star teams be scarred for life? I think not, because I have a solution.

You punk Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin.

The captains (assuming they're not named Sid and Alex) ignore the NHL's two top performers until the very last. That way, no poor fifth rated defenceman who is filling in for an injured star has to suffer the humiliation of being "the last guy picked." Sid and Ovie go last. I'm sure they can withstand the humiliation.

C'mon, it's a good idea! Just don't tell those two guys, let 'em squirm as they witness Stamkos, Toews, Nash, Iginla, et al, going before them. I'm sure they'll catch on and enjoy the joke. The NHL all-star game is a joke anyway.

Once you get past the giggle-fest skills contest, the selecting of the teams will be the highlight because we all know the actual game itself sucks big time. You'll see more competitiveness during a bingo game in the seniors' home than you'll see on the ice during the all-star game. Nobody cares who wins. In fact nobody cares who has the puck and the fans are subjected to the worst brand of hockey since China took on South Korea in the Olympic qualifying round.

And that's all I have to say this week. I've let you off easy this time.

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