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There’s value in promoting tourism

An editorial on changes to the Saskatchewanderer position and the impact of tourism
Saskatchewanderer Felipe Gomez and his dog Fozzy paid a visit to the Carlyle area.

One of the bright moves for the Saskatchewan Party since it formed government for the first time in 2007 was creating the Saskatchewanderer position.

It started as the Best Summer Job Ever – a chance for a student to travel the province and document all of the great things that we have here, and promote it on a large scale. 

It has since grown to be a one-year gig, with some very talented people taking the reins. And now Saskatchewan says the next ’Wanderer will move into the job permanently, rather than just for a year.

It gives the next tourism ambassador a chance to build continuity. The ’Wanderer no doubt has a myriad of options for events and attractions to visit during the year, and by the end of that year, will have a list of “Gee I wish I could have gone there” situations. 

Now that person can go the next year, or the year after that.

It’s a tough, demanding job. It might seem like all fun and games, but there will no doubt be times in which the ’Wanderer will lament not having time off, or being forced to travel from one corner of the province to another in short order. And during those travels, this person will no doubt see things they wish they could stop and experience.

Of course, we’re extending an invitation for the next Saskatchewanderer to come here for a visit. We think sometime from May 20-29 might be a great time, thanks to the Centennial Cup national junior A hockey championship, presented by Tim Hortons. Or the Energy City Ex., when our fair and rodeo will be on the same weekend.

Come to Estevan. See all that we have to offer. Meet our great people. (Hey, the invite worked the last time we tried it). 

The Saskatchewanderer program became more important than ever during the pandemic. With travel options limited, not just abroad but throughout Canada, people were looking to spend their holiday time in Saskatchewan. And so it was a chance to tell the stories of attractions in the province. 

We might know what we have to offer in our own backyard but do we know what we can find in the southwest, the northeast and the other regions of Saskatchewan? 

Tourism is a great way to create pride in your community. It shows that you live in a great place to work, but also a great place to live and raise your family. (We’ve talked before about the need to promote Estevan as a great place to live).

It’s a chance to show all that a community has to offer. It’s a chance to promote your events, your attractions, your amenities, your scenery and your people. And it’s a chance to say that others are welcome here. 

Money spent on tourism is money well spent. 

We loved it when 2020-21 Saskatchewanderer Leah Mertz made Estevan her first stop, and talked about how Estevan was her favourite community to visit.  

And so we’re pleased that the provincial government is taking the next step in the Saskatchewanderer program.