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This summer could be great

My Nikkel's Worth column

Last summer was a strange one – there were COVID restrictions in place and most everything was cancelled, from fairs to rodeos and parades, and yet people could go out and enjoy activities.

My hopes are this summer will be different, and that we will truly be free to enjoy events and family celebrations again. In Saskatchewan at least, if events go the way they ought to be, July 11 will be the day that all restrictions will be lifted.

The problem is we have all been indoctrinated into worrying about, ‘Oh, are we too close to each other? Are we supposed to wear masks here? Are there too many people here?’

It’s been a year and a half now of this stupid pandemic, and we need to retrain our brains not to worry about it.  That’s going to be hard, right?

Whether or not COVID rules make sense (and let’s be honest, many of the rules don’t make any sense and are not logical), it will be really hard for people not to be worried about this, even when it’s no longer required.

I can predict the removal of restrictions is going to result in mass confusion as to what is or is not allowed, such as on June 20th.

Take for example the numbers of people who can gather, whether it’s a private or public event, inside or outside – it’s a schmozzle now, just imagine when we get past June 20th for the next step of the re-opening plan.

Anyway, if we’re allowed to see restrictions gone by July 11, then we should be able to take in any event or celebration, or go to a Riders game, and not worry about any of these things.

Personally, I am so looking forward to the day that masks are not a requirement anymore, and we can have church potlucks, and can go to a parade on a hot summer day or go see a rodeo and sit in the stands to enjoy the event.

It’s too late for the Weyburn Fair, which is incredibly unfortunate, but maybe we’ll still be able to see other events this summer, go to ball games (except not the Senior Beavers), head to the beach, or enjoy visiting at a barbecue in a friend’s back yard.

This summer could be really, really positive, and can go a long ways to helping us feel good about being with other people again. Our individual and collective mental health needs this, so I really hope we’ll get there – don’t you?