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Weyburn has extraordinary people

My Nikkel's Worth column

So has anyone noticed how many truly extraordinary people we have in the Weyburn and surrounding area?

I’ve always known this to be the case, and I continue to be astounded at the sheer level of talent, ability, creativity and inspirational volunteerism that is to be found in abundance in this community, and in the surrounding area — all worthy of recognition, you may be sure.

Just in the past few weeks we’ve had accolades for the following (in no particular order):

• Grade 11 student Jessica Baumgartner of Stoughton was a finalist in a national speech contest, and she ended up in third place.

• Weyburn hockey player Braden Birnie has been in the running for the RBC Community Ambassador to represent the SJHL.

• Gold Wings veteran and Weyburn hockey player Kate Goranson won the scholastic award for the Sask. Female Under-18 AAA Hockey League.

• Student Hailey Neiszner won a bronze medal in the Saskatchewan Skills Canada competition in hairstyling.

• Mike Weger of Weyburn Minor Hockey was recognized by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association as the Volunteer of the Year for southern Saskatchewan.

• Weyburn arts students Jillian Harder, Darcy Klein and Kristen Fortune were each awarded a Millie Coghill Fine Arts Award by the Weyburn Arts Council.

And we should not forget other Weyburn talents, like singer Tenille Arts, who recently scored a No. 1 hit on country radio in the U.S., the first artist to accomplish this for many years.

Going back a few weeks, the Weyburn Chamber posthumously recognized Ron Fellner with the Golden Spike Award, an honour that was well-deserved for a man whose whole life was given to helping local organizations and residents.

So, is it something in the air, or in the water? Not really. I think it has more to do with the emphasis we have in this area on excellence and on giving in all areas of one’s life.

There are many other names that could be added to this list, of course, and any such list could not possibly include everyone who is deserving of mention. I am not leaving any names out on purpose, it’s simply that there are too many people to mention in this space.

This actually bolsters my initial question here, namely that there are truly some extraordinary people, and groups, who continue to help make Weyburn and area the best place on the Prairies to live, work and play.