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Introducing Prince Fury

I ran into a friend in the supermarket the other day. We talked for a while as her five year old daughter stayed glued tight to her leg.

Letter to the Editor

I am researching my family history and find that my Grandmother's sister emigrated to Carlyle in 1921. She was married to Arthur Read who I think was a farmer, and her name was Hilda. Her maiden name was Deller.

Out and About Gang-rape goes viral

Rape is a four letter word which makes my blood boil at the same time it causes my stomach to curl up into my chest. In my opinion, few acts in the world are worse than rape.

How do you want to be remembered?

Jennifer's Journal

Rider Insider The endlessly debated call

"The Call", or "The Punt", or whatever you want to call it, is something that will be debated by football fans in this province for a very long time to come.

No Marathon of Hope here

We lament the loss of the Run of Hope in Estevan. Sunday represented the 30th anniversary of the run which represented his Marathon of Hope and the day came and went with nary a nod of recognition in this corner of the province.

Farmers should be free to decide

The Editor, In a recent letter to the editor, Stewart Wells, past president of the NFU and current CWB director candidate criticizes the Wheat Growers for seeking the opportunity to price and deliver our grain at a time of our choosing, instead of su
Prehistoric communication tools

Prehistoric communication tools

Nobody's doing much writing these days. I mean the actual physical thing of writing, not word display stuff. I'm talking about the pen or pencil on paper kinda thing.

Hats off to the Riders and … and more steroids in sports

It may sound cliché, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders players who were in Estevan on Sunday afternoon were some of the most down to earth pro athletes I have ever come into contact with.

Something something Kimbaya

As the sparks and embers from the fire danced up into the night sky, someone pulled out a guitar and started to play. It was late at night - well, early in the morning - and this seemed like the perfect way to finish an evening.