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Farmers face some interesting decisions in terms of what crops they will grow each year

There are finite acres on every farm, and even in terms of the overall land base in Western Canada, that means when new crops arise and attract production interest, other crops have to see fewer acres planted.

The heart of the matter

Our story so far: On New Year's Day, I went in to the Emergency Room and mentioned that I was having some chest pains. I was immediately swept into the arms of modern medicine.


Lying on the bed in the tattoo shop, I was remarkably calm. Not quite knowing what to expect, I focused on my breath. I closed my eyes and imagined waves crashing onto the shore - my happy place. People continuously questioned whether I felt nervous.

Working Women Worldwide

Jennifer's Journal

Mandryk comments off-base

The Editor, I read with interest the comments by columnist Murray Mandryk in the Feb. 3, edition of The Mercury. Mr. Mandryk states that the Sask.
Work on ETI progressing

Work on ETI progressing

Although there is plenty of work yet to be completed, the construction of the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute is continuing at a steady pace.

Smooth political manoeuvres

The decisions were politically motivated to a great extent, so the fact their announcements were received enthusiastically by the electorate puts the Sask. Party in the driver's seat heading into this fall's provincial election.

Concert ticket sales should be handled locally

The Editor: The idea of ticket sales for the opening concert of the new arena has got me thinking that questions should be answered by the people in charge, that being the city council.
What to do with Moammar and other things

What to do with Moammar and other things

So what glowing embers can be stirred up this week? Let's see, did you hear that Charlie Sheen deployed himself to Libya to help get things straightened up over there? Yep, got that one straight off the WikiLeaks site.


Addictions. Marriages. Rent control. Break-ups. Careers. Harry Potter. Children. More addictions. Friends' stupidity. Growing up... the list goes on and on and on. Playing catch-up with an great friend is one of the best ways to kill an afternoon.
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