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Primary focus on food production

As we move forward there is going to be two somewhat different views of what farmer's primary focus on food production should be.On a world basis, agriculture means producing food for the world.


For more than a month the RM of Moose Creek Council has trampled hard on the statutory right of ratepayers to be heard under a "Petition for a Referendum". This right is provided for in the Municipalities Act beginning at Section 132. On Feb.

Smell you later

Jennifer's Journal

Health Matters

I am excited to have the opportunity to explore my thoughts to the public on health care issues via columns in the local paper.

Health policy change merits thanks and suspicion

Whenever a government reverses an unpopular or wrong-headed position, there is one immediate thing one should do: say thank you.

EDITORIAL: Keep going for Minor Football

The benefits of organized sports have long been known, and yet there are many kids who just won't take part, whether out of laziness, or a greater love of one's Wii or PlayStation than of getting outside to get some exercise.

Gov't policy is flawed

The Editor, The Sask. Health Coalition is concerned that the government's February 14 announcement of additional surgical funding is for private-for-profit health care delivery driven by the Saskatchewan Party's privatization ideology.

Only in Regina?

We're heading into a provincial election this fall and there are only a few issues compelling enough to take out to the masses that will generate much passion.
A tale of two cities

A tale of two cities

A good portion of the globe has been rocked these past few weeks with civic unrest, demonstrations and riots in North Africa and the Middle East.

The beating heart

Death found me for the first time when I was 14. This age was an exciting time for a young girl, full of innocent crushes and a flourishing independence.
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