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Stop the federal scams and show Sask. the money

Stop the federal scams and show Sask. the money

Just a few things bothering me this week. The first one is the fact we're in the dead of winter right now. Not much anybody can do about that, so we'll skip that topic. Let's just say this one thing about the weather though.

NDP desperate to regain rural foothold

The recent news of long-time New Democrat Pat Atkinson's pending departure from politics reminds us of an important turning point for the NDP.

As I See It

The problems with proportional representation

Inspired by real-life superheroes

Jennifer's Journal

Just be nice

Be positive. Be positive. Be positive. I feel if I keep repeating these two little words over and over again in my mind, eventually I will be able to turn any awful experience, moment or comment into something, well, positive.

Growing concerns on food production skills

It is always interesting when you meet someone for a story interview, but end up discussing past column opinions.

Moving forward will require cash

On first blush, it was disappointing to hear from Mayor Gary St. Onge and city councillors that our property taxes plus some utility user fees were probably going to be increasing in 2011.

EDITORIAL: Funding policies must change

The Brad Wall government needs to consider reversing a long-standing practice that is putting too great a burden on local communities, and is taxing their resources to the breaking point.

Zero tolerance may be necessary

Drinking and driving doesn't seem to be decreasing at a fast enough pace.
Psychics are really overrated

Psychics are really overrated

Psychic Norm is ready to make his predictions for 2011. We trust you're ready for this. Believe me, Psychic Norm's talents are much more refined than Decorator Norm or Mechanic Norm or Master Mathematician Norm's.
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