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Phones and all-stars

Phones and all-stars

All kinds of crazy observations this week. I can't help it, please forgive. Let's start with cell phones.

Housing studies are done, action required

As heartening as it is to hear that another organization is taking up the challenge of attempting to solve the local housing shortage in Estevan and area, we've pretty well run out of talk time.

The importance of an education

Last Thursday was one of those days I tend to relish as a journalist. It was an afternoon spent at the Grain Millers Harvest Showdown.

It may be too late for Link

In the wake of the devastating polling results, we heard something from NDP Dwain Lingenfelter we haven't much heard of since his return to Saskatchewan politics two years ago. We heard a little contrition.

Calgary fans see red over Flames

Calgary Flames fans are seeing red these days in more ways than one.

Rider Insider

Finally a win, and now the Saskatchewan Roughriders are on a high heading into the 2010 CFL playoffs.

Clean until you're busted

My friend called last night with a funny story. She and her husband had gone away for a few days, leaving her eighteen year old son behind to hold the fort. He's as responsible as any eighteen year old boy can be.

As I See It

With Remembrance Day in the wings, I think that it is important that we take a moment out of our day to remember the brave men and women who have served Canada in a uniformed capacity.

Offending the defenders

Jennifer's Journal

Out and About: Support our troops

It is impossible for anyone to understand war unless they lived through it.
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