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Mad about me

The first thing I felt after the impact was sheer, murderous rage at the driver responsible for what I knew was going to be a very expensive fender bender.

A summer that test one's political beliefs

Whether one realizes it or not, the complex nature of most political issues tends to test one's political views.

As I See It

The recent and uninvited arrival of an entire shipload of ethnic Tamil Sri Lankans at the coast of British Columbia came as an expected shock for the Canadian government, who were aware of the ship's approach days before its arrival, and as a moral c

Inspiration at the bottom of a bone

Jennifer's Journal

Out and About Weighing in on the school smoking ban

When students and teachers went back to school on Aug. 26, some may have noticed a big change.
Making Great TV and Facebook Etiquette (Am I Getting Repetitive Yet?)

Making Great TV and Facebook Etiquette (Am I Getting Repetitive Yet?)

The Real World: Estevan I love The Real World-New Orleans. It's the kind of TV that has no point, no plot, and is generally driven by chaos. It's addictive getting to watch eight strangers live in a house together and try to survive in a big city.
It's always the right time to worry about crops

It's always the right time to worry about crops

Worrying about crops comes early in life for most Saskatchewan kids. Even non-agricultural kids had to worry about crops waaay back when I was a youngster, and I believe kids still have to retain an interest in crop production to this day.

Thank you for years of service

The Editor,On July 8, I made my first visit to Estevan in several years and was saddened to learn that the Estevan Tire Centre had been sold two years prior.Phillip Peter opened the business around 1940.

Raising tobacco taxes not the answer to deficits

The Editor,The growing black market for cigarettes in Canada is becoming a larger and larger problem. It is a source of violent and organized crime and it deprives governments of the full taxes from the sale of a legal product.

Do something or give us a refund

Dear Premier Wall: If your government is not willing to address our growing infrastructure needs, then we respectfully request that you give us our money back - about $400 million should do it - for now. You can send the rest along later.