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La Dolce Vita in Saskatchewan

It might have been Joyce, Jana or Liz. All I can recall right now is that there was a comment made by a female columnist in a Saskatchewan newspaper a few weeks ago about growing up in a neighbourhood filled with kids.

Half empty - half full

For example: the simple act of a yawn may be perceived by those around you that a) you are tired; b) you are bored; or c) they are boring you.

Difficult problems require innovative solutions from council

Since the health care community and ministry has abrogated a portion of their responsibility in recruiting and retaining health care professionals, the communities they serve have found themselves having to leap into that breach.

They forgot to include us

I listened to an interesting discussion about technology a few days ago and caught myself nodding the head in approval as the technology world leaders talked about their world and then the rest of the world that most of the rest of us happen to live

Mixed signals

The provincial government is sending out mixed signals these days.

City still has lots of work to do

The Editor: I am writing this letter in response to the editorial in the April 7 Mercury about the revival of the Golden Garbage Can competition.I am not quite sure if this person is living in the city of Estevan or having a bad dream.

Good friends are priceless

Generally speaking, I enjoy writing these columns because within their parameters I get to be a little foolish, critical or sometimes radical in thought and deed.

Time to reconsider this decision

Our provincial government is no doubt having second thoughts regarding new regulations that are allowing health foundations to directly contact former hospital patients by using snippets of information received from the patients' confidential health

One cool job to have

I think I'd like to be Governor-General. I have applied for the job on four separate occasions and have never even made the short list.

Please support the Shrine Circus

The Editor: When the outlook for your child's life is one that will be filled with pain, bones constantly breaking and no chance to walk, you will search for anything that could improve that quality of life for your baby.