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Thank you for years of service

The Editor,On July 8, I made my first visit to Estevan in several years and was saddened to learn that the Estevan Tire Centre had been sold two years prior.Phillip Peter opened the business around 1940.

Raising tobacco taxes not the answer to deficits

The Editor,The growing black market for cigarettes in Canada is becoming a larger and larger problem. It is a source of violent and organized crime and it deprives governments of the full taxes from the sale of a legal product.

Do something or give us a refund

Dear Premier Wall: If your government is not willing to address our growing infrastructure needs, then we respectfully request that you give us our money back - about $400 million should do it - for now. You can send the rest along later.

Beautification work needs a kick-start

The Editor,This letter is regarding the recent article "This is why we can't have nice things" by Chad Saxon. While stating his frustration over the parking habits of big trucks in town, he overlooked the bigger problem.

Derby "Grrrl" Power

Jennifer's Journal

Concern Over Bed Closures

Dear Editor, I am a resident of Stoughton, SK, and I have some significant concerns with the closure of the beds in Wawota, SK.
Speed Demon, the office gypsy

Speed Demon, the office gypsy

Fourth Street The City of Estevan has discussed changing the speed limit on much of downtown Fourth Street to 40 km/h, in an effort draw more attention to the many businesses that line the streets.
48 days without technology - could you do it?

48 days without technology - could you do it?

A few weeks ago at about 4:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, as I was preparing to leave the office after a relatively slow news day, a call came in about a group of Metis travelers spotted just outside of Macoun.
A wee fine 30 months with the Bard

A wee fine 30 months with the Bard

In my eight-plus years as a journalist I've learned a few things.That time flies when you're having fun.That it also flies when you're being threatened with lawsuits, cancelled subscriptions, and physical harm by readers of your paper.

No child is an unwanted child in Canada

The Editor,An estimated 20 per cent of Canadian couples experience some form of infertility.Couples who desire to adopt a newborn wait at least eight years to do so.A Facebook Campaign was just launched this past week.