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Jennifer's Journal

The project that's begging for the green light

It's difficult to believe that the province, and SaskPower in particular, won't be moving ahead with a major clean coal project within the next two months.

Sask. Party protests have been rare

A recent protest of about 50 frustrated ranchers at the Saskatchewan legislature stood out for a couple of reasons.
What defines success or failure?

What defines success or failure?

Students are spending about 10 hours a week less on homework but receiving better marks than the previous generation.

What is sport?

The Editor, I was watching Ian Poulter play in a European Tour golf tournament not too long ago. On the second playoff hole while tied for the lead, Ian accidentally dropped his ball onto his marker on the green.

No new funding disappointing

The Editor, Prime Minister, Stephen Harper recently spoke to the success of the federal government's stimulus initiatives.

Do these businesses deserve our support?

The peak retail sales season is upon us.

Act like you've been there before

With Murray Mandryk's regular column on Saskatchewan politics not available this week, you are stuck with me writing about the province's other favourite sport, football.

CFL subsidies a punt in the face

The Editor, Now that the Grey Cup has been awarded it's time to assess the CFL year in review, but not the on-field play, but rather from a taxpayer angle. And unfortunately it comes up expensive.

Muffled curses

I was driving home very late at night in a blinding snowstorm when I noticed it. My car was on a upgrade and the engine began to labour. Then cough and grunt and moan. All of a sudden my motor began to sound like a truck engine.
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