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Act like you've been there before

With Murray Mandryk's regular column on Saskatchewan politics not available this week, you are stuck with me writing about the province's other favourite sport, football.

CFL subsidies a punt in the face

The Editor, Now that the Grey Cup has been awarded it's time to assess the CFL year in review, but not the on-field play, but rather from a taxpayer angle. And unfortunately it comes up expensive.

Muffled curses

I was driving home very late at night in a blinding snowstorm when I noticed it. My car was on a upgrade and the engine began to labour. Then cough and grunt and moan. All of a sudden my motor began to sound like a truck engine.

Slow down people

Okay people. Listen up. To all you drivers out there who think your need to get somewhere fast is more important than my life, well I can't write the words I want to use to describe you in this paper.

Not to be tolerated: violence at home and abroad

Jennifer's Journal

Buying locally

While there have been many consumer-generated ideas in terms of purchasing patterns, none are more intriguing than the idea of focusing on purchasing food produced locally in order to reduce one's carbon footprint.

Rider Insider: Well that's that

The Saskatchewan Roughriders' Centennial season of 2010 ended in anti-climactic fashion with a 21-18 loss to the Montreal Alouettes in the 98th Grey Cup at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium on Sunday.

As I See It

I remember my arrival and first day in Carlyle quite clearly, though that isn't particularly surprising, as seeing it was only just over two years ago now.

Riders still champs

The Editor, The CFL's Grey Cup final is over and the champions for the second year in a row are again the Montreal Alouettes. Congratulations to them, their coaching staff and supporters.

Getting through winter with a few minor pleasures

So the final CFL football game of the season is done. How many times between Monday and Sunday of last week did you hear or read the word redemption? Well, so much for that! Saskatchewan will have to redeem the coupon next year perhaps.
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