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Time to cut the spin

The Editor,Unfortunately, but as expected, the letter from the Sask Party Constituency President for Estevan was full information that is not true.
Rose Reports

Rose Reports

It's events like the Torquay quilt show, a church concert or the multicultural potluck dinner that gives a city like Estevan that sense of community.

Going paperless - but not all the way!

Jennifer's Journal
How much do we really care?

How much do we really care?

Let's get silly again this week, dear diary. What the heck, it's summer. Nobody wants to engage in serious stuff, we want puff and fluff, don't we? Well, for starters, at least one pretty important subject to touch on.

Sask Party delivering for Estevan and area

The Editor,When I read Taren Trew's letter in the July 7 issue of the Mercury, I felt compelled to respond to the false statements it contained.
Speedway kisses and makes up

Speedway kisses and makes up

In other news, the Lampman crowd goes wild

Sell-outs a sign

The Editor,If Mosaic Stadium is such a "bad" place to catch a football game then why on earth are the Riders shattering attendance records? Perhaps the ol' facility isn't as dire a place to catch a game as the pro dome crowd likes to suggest.

Our natural disasters don't count as much

Shall we compare apples with oranges to arrive at a statement regarding fairness this week?On Thursday last week, the federal and provincial governments issued a statement saying that help was on the way for hard-pressed Prairie producers whose crops

Good Samaritans still out there

The Editor,Good Samaritans are alive and active in Estevan. Our July 1 hero is Adam Jocelyn. After several vehicles drove by while we were in distress, Adam stopped and helped us change our flat tire, which we were unable to do ourselves.
Rose Reports July 9, 2010

Rose Reports July 9, 2010

This week's column is for those of you who say World Cup soccer is boring. To each their own, but understand first the sense of pride that accompanies the sport of soccer.
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