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Phil Reddekop showcases his artwork at the Artist Colony

Another great Artist at the Artist Colony
Phil Reddekop Artist of the Week
Phil Reddekop poses with some of his artwork while at the artist cabin in the Park.

Phil Reddekop is the latest artist to showcase his work at the Moose Mountain Provincial Park Artist Colony.

Although Reddekop has visited the cabin in the past, this is the first time with his own artwork at the cabin.

Reddekop used to paint with oils quite a few years ago and then held off painting for awhile and started back up again four years ago, this time painting with acrylics.

He says painting runs in the family…his brother was a great artist and his sister does watercolors.

So it’s no surprise that Reddekop also picked up the brush as well.

Reddekop says he gets inspiration from photographs as well as so many of his ideas come from watching YouTube.

“There’s so many artists who show their instructional videos and I’ve learned a lot from those,” explains Reddekop.

Reddekop has his favourite subjects to paint.

“I seem to do quite a few pictures of mountains, scenery and elevators. I also enjoy painting florals as well.”

“I enjoy painting from a photograph or something that just pops into my head but I’m trying to develop my own style.”

Reddekop spent the majority of his life as a carpenter.

He says he does very little carpentry these days as he is 75 now.

“The body doesn’t keep up to the brain,” he says.

He’s now taking the slower pace in life as a painter.

“I took Art Classes back in grade school and I’ve always enjoyed sketching and then displaying them in the school.”

With the summer winding down, it was a slow week at the cabin but the visitors come in spurts, some curious to see what’s going on and are pleased to see the artist in action while at the artist cabin.

“I did sell a couple of pieces while I was here,” says Reddekop. That made it all worthwhile.