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Photos: Estevan Mercury's Thanksgiving Kids

Mary's Little Lambs Preschool participated in the Estevan Mercury's Thanksgiving Kids promotion once again this year.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are proud to present this year's Thanksgiving Kids promotion. Thanks to Mary's Little Lambs for their support, to the kids for the great answers and to the businesses who sponsored this promotion. And a happy Thanksgiving to all.


ESTEVAN - The Estevan Mercury is delighted to provide to its readers the Thanksgiving Kids promotion each year, and once again, it was the Mary’s Little Lambs Preschool that provided answers of why they are thankful.

The Thanksgiving Kids initiative appears in this week’s edition of the Mercury, with ads running throughout the paper. Local businesses sponsored the answers of each child. A total of 52 kids, ages three and four, provided answers.

Teacher Patty Ksenych said the kids did a great job, like they do every year. 

“The one little boy, he mentioned how … he was thankful for walking with his mom,” said Ksenych. “I thought that was really sweet. Another one was thankful for his supper.” 

Other answers were humourous. One was thankful for the tyrannosaurus rex, another was grateful for the chance to ride a quad, and a third was thankful for when a grandparent provided donuts. 

“There’s always some different ones, like the donuts, or walking with her mom, or piggyback rides with her dad,” said Ksenych. 

Ksenych thought it was special when one kid expressed gratitude for God.  

And other kids had the traditional answers about being thankful for parents, siblings and pets. 

“I brainstorm with them before I ask them, and I go through things they can be thankful for, and to appreciate their mom and dad and what they do for them.” 

Thanksgiving is always a very special time, because “their little hearts are always thankful,” she said. 

Preschool owner Mary Lawrence was really happy with the answers. She giggled when she saw that the one kid was thankful for their supper.  

The kids, and their parents, siblings, grandparents, neighbours and friends are always excited to see the young people’s photos in the paper.

Lawrence noted the pictures were taken the first day of school, when parents were present.