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Photos: Monster Mania thrills fans at Estevan Motor Speedway

Monster Mania showcased the talents of the four drivers entered.

ESTEVAN - Fans were treated to two nights of entertainment at the Estevan Motor Speedway, thanks to the first visit of monster trucks to the track since 2015. 

Monster Mania brought the trucks to Estevan. Roughneck, Crude Behavior, Cyclops and Thunder Chicken entertained the fans with their skills.

The show opened with the trucks participating in the trifecta, with each driver performing three tricks. Then they were part of two rounds of monster truck drag racing.

A highlight of the show was freestyle racing, in which the trucks had several minutes to perform as many tricks as they wanted. 

The drivers performed donuts, soared through the air and crushed vehicles. Roughneck and Crude Behavior teamed up for the freestyle portion of the show to wrap up the evening.

A fire broke out in the Crude Behavior truck after the freestyle performance, but fortunately nobody was injured. 

Also for the evening, a ride truck was part of the event. Fans could pay to take a ride in the back of a monster truck and get a unique view of the track and the speedway's pit lane. 

Fans filled the grandstands each night for the races. There was a thunderstorm that rolled through the area Saturday evening just before the scheduled start, but the skies eventually cleared and it didn't appear the storm kept fans away. 

The speedway also used the event to showcase the skills of their drivers. Stock cars raced Friday night, with Chris Hortness taking the checkered flag, while modifieds were on the track Saturday, with Kody Scholpp emerging victorious.

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