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Weyburn students get a fire truck visit as part of Fire Prevention Week

Fire fighter Marc Schweitzer gave an outdoor presentation about his job, and about what fire fighters do to protect people

WEYBURN - Weyburn fire fighter Marc Schweitzer brought one of the main pumper trucks from the Weyburn Fire Department to St. Michael School on Wednesday and Thursday, as part of Fire Prevention Week.

In past years, the Fire Department would bring their fire house to schools for students to learn how to exit a burning house, or the fire fighters would do a classroom presentation on Fire Prevention.

This year, due to COVID restrictions, they are not able to do classroom visits or fire hall tours, so Schweitzer did the next best thing: he brought a fire truck to the school, and the kindergarten and Grade 1 classes were able to come outside to learn about the cool gadgets and tools fire fighters have on the truck, and what a fire fighter does to fight fires and help rescue people and keep them safe at a fire or at an accident scene.

The outdoor presentation also included Schweitzer having all of his turnout gear with him, so he could explain how and why a fire fighter protects himself or herself at a fire. He then took questions from the children about his work and about the truck and its tools.