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Margaret Susan Rebrinsky (nee Tarr)

December 13, 1937 - November 14, 2017
Margaret Susan Rebrinsky

On November 14, 2017, Margaret Rebrinsky passed away at the age of 79. Margaret was pre-deceased by her parents: Gabrial and Margaret Tarr (nee Nagy; Tuba); husband: Jim Rebrinsky; son: Michael; brother-in-law: Frank Reitze; sister: Rose Reitze; and Joe Tuba. Margaret is survived by: Ken (Dorothy) Rebrinsky and their children: Ryan (Mandi), Alysse Stacey (Trevor and children: Merida & Makaela), and Leah; Kelly (Sandra) Rebrinsky and their children: Morgan (Renita), Delaney Paslawski (Steve), Chelsea Burnett (Blake and children: Bly, Jaxton, Jase, & Bodi); Chris White, Cory Rebrinsky (Allison), Catherine Wheeler, Jennifer Fohr (Sean and children: Lily-Mae & Georgia); Mark (Brenda) Rebrinsky and Veronica, Elizabeth Bohnert (Aaron and children: Molly & Macie), Nikki Rebrinsky (Nikki and Mackenna); Rhonda Walbaum (Barrington); Rebecca Bowerin (Lorin and their children: Mataya & Meisha); nephew: Don Reitze, niece: Judy Griffiths & their families; brother-in-law: Joe (Sarah) Rebrinsky, Winnipeg, MB & their families. On December 13, 1937, Margaret Rebrinsky (nee Tarr) was born near Kennedy, SK. She was born during the “Dirty Thirties” and in one of the hardest hit areas by the drought. Margaret’s parents were on a small farm in the middle of the Palliser Triangle. Not only was water scarce, but work and money too. Margaret’s parents struggled to survive while toting her and her soon to be sister, Rose, from farm to farm and town to town in search of some stability. Margaret said that they moved 14 times in one year when she was little. After Margaret was about two, the family moved to Arnes, MB and lived on a farm until 1946. They moved there because it was close to Lake Winnipeg where they could fish and live off of what they caught. She spoke many times about the huge sturgeon in the lake and when caught how it would feed lots of people. Then they moved to Gimili, MB for another two years and eventually made their way back to Saskatchewan. By 1950, Margaret’s family had moved into Weyburn, SK where her dad, Gabrial Tarr became the first sanitation man for the City of Weyburn. This was a shift from the transient way of life they had prior been living. Even Margaret’s mother, Margaret was successful at acquiring work cleaning homes and offices in Weyburn, SK. They were finally able to afford a house and started making it into a home, of which is still in the family and owned by Judy Griffiths. Even with all the barriers she and her family faced, Margaret loved and excelled in school. She was always eager and wanting to learn more. She started in Grade 5 at Haig School after bouncing from school to school in her earlier years. The teachers always loved Margaret because she was so interested in learning and had such a thirst for knowledge. She was studious and always willing to learn and grow. These characteristics lasted throughout her entire life. She proceeded on to attend the Weyburn Collegiate, where she was nominated “the one most likely to do her homework.” In 1955, while in Grade 11, Margaret met Jim Rebrinsky. Jim was going door-to-door and preaching the Good News of the Kingdom as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. At first, Margaret was opposed to the belief being raised as a Presbyterian but one thing stuck out for her and that was Jim could explain the book of Revelation. Margaret always wanted someone to discuss and teach her all the meanings and symbolic references that were spoke of in Revelation. On her own she read it but could not find anyone to explain it to her until she met Jim and his firm and steadfast affiliation with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. On August 11, 1956, Margaret was baptized and dedicated her life to Jehovah and a week later, she married Jim. He was not going to marry anyone who was not baptized in the Jehovah’s Witness belief and Margaret made the leap of faith with Jehovah and with Jim. They wed on August 18, 1956. Soon after they married in 1956, the city passed a law stating that all houses are to be either built in Weyburn or could be moved out of Weyburn, but no longer moved into the city from any rural locations. Fortunately, Jim and Margaret had submitted their plans, to the City of Weyburn, before the law passed. They moved a house into Weyburn and turned it into the family home. They were the last people to move a house into Weyburn until the flood of 2011. The house is still in the family and belongs to Ken Rebrinsky. With the home starting to take shape, Margaret became a mother to four boys and two girls. However, this is not where her motherly love ended. She always took in and accepted everyone and if you were ever close enough to her, you know that her love for all people, animals, and nature is not the love you encounter on a regular basis. Margaret’s compassion, empathy, smile, sense of humour, dedication, devotion, and genuine love are unparalleled by none. Not only did she treat all of Jehovah’s creations this way, she also treated Jehovah, Jesus, and God’s word with the utmost respect and reverence. In about 1976, Margaret started upgrading her high school and started taking university classes in nursing. She soon went to work at Souris Valley Extended Care Home as a nurse’s aide and worked with many people for whom she had many fond memories of. Rarely, would you ever see her hands idle. Every minute of every day was used to its fullest by writing poems, stories, letters, sewing her signature rag quilts, crocheting beautiful blankets, cooking, canning, baking, writing talks for the Kingdom Hall, looking up scriptures, helping children and animals, watering her plants, and more. Never once was a day wasted. Even after mobility issues started effecting her day-to-day life, Margaret always busied herself leaving quite a legacy behind. Margaret was a daughter, sister, niece, wife, auntie, friend, mother, grandmother and a great-grandmother. She touched so many people’s hearts with her kind and loving disposition that she was even nicknamed “Grandma Maggie” at Tatagwa View where she spent her final days. She always had open arms, a compassionate listening ear, and wonderful advice based on Jehovah’s principles. Margaret never wavered in her faith and served Jehovah to her last breath. Margaret will be missed dearly. Until we meet again, Momma Bear. We love you. A Celebration of Margaret’s life was held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Weyburn, SK., on November 27. Expressions of sympathy to the family may be sent to our website at “Celebrating Life, One Family At A Time”.