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Weyburn city council approves permit for new vet clinic building

Weyburn city council approved a discretionary use development permit for the Prairie Animal Health Centre, as they are proposing to build a new vet clinic.

WEYBURN – Weyburn city council approved a discretionary use development permit for the Prairie Animal Health Centre, as they are proposing to build a new veterinary clinic near to their current location.

The building will be just off First Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets NW, just west of the fair grounds, and will be about 9,000 square feet in size.

There are a number of conditions attached to the approval, including building plans, a landscaping plan, servicing plan and a grading-drainage plan, along with offsite development levy at the rate of $4.51 per square foot, or $45,121 per acre.

The council had earlier in the spring approved the sale of the lots to be used for the new building, with the requirement that the construction of the new building is to be started within the next two years.

• Council approved new appointments for city staff and the library board at Monday’s council meeting.

The new city clerk for Weyburn is Tina Clay, who was formerly the leisure services manager, and Monday was her first day in the new position.

Council also appointed a new development officer, as required under the zoning bylaw. Shara-Lee Malcolm was appointed to the position, which she began on April 2.

The appointment will permit her to administer and enforce all aspects of the zoning bylaw, such as the issuing of development permits.

Council approved two new members to the Weyburn Library board, recommended by that board at their April meeting. The members are Evelyn Rowe and Stella Summers, and will be on the board for the remainder of 2024.

• Weyburn council approved providing support for a Targeted Sector Support funding request by the City of Estevan, which is developing a program with Southeast College to focus on energy transition in the southeast region.

The TSS funding, which Estevan is applying for from the province, is for “Our Energy Future: Collaboration and Capacity Building for Municipal Leaders”.

They are requesting support from other communities in the amount of $3,750 each, and so far, the Towns of Carnduff and Coronach have signed on as municipal partners.

The program, being developed by Southeast College, includes roundtables, community needs assessments, custom development of three training modules and facilitation of the training modules. The program is to help communities in the southeast to navigate the next decade, particularly in the area of energy partnerships.

The benefits of this project is a more knowledgeable council and municipal staff, and community stakeholders of the technologies involved in the energy transition, as well as networking and community capacity building for the future.

The province will provide reimbursement of 75 per cent of the project cost, and each municipal partner is paying only a portion of the cost to participate in the training programs.

• The City of Weyburn issued seven building permits and one demolition permit in the month of April with a total construction value of $81,547,319, most of which was due to the permit for the new hospital at the value of $81,192,619.

There was also a permit for a new home, two new garages, two new decks and a gazebo, plus demolition of buildings on two lots on Queen Street.

The city has issued 17 permits in the year-to-date, plus two demolition permits. This compares to a year ago when the city had issued 12 permits in the year to date with a total value of $937,290.