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Weyburn gymnasts compete at provincial championships

The Airbourne Gymnastics Club of Weyburn sent a number of athletes to take part in the provincial championships held in Saskatoon.
The CCP3 level of gymnasts from Weyburn’s AIrbourne Gymnastics Club gathered after taking part in the provincial competition over the weekend in Saskatoon. From left to right are Sienna Walkeden (third All-Round); Emily McLeod; Kamryn Dammann; Lexi Heimlick; Shay Warren (second All-Round) and Aubree Lawrence.

WEYBURN – The Airbourne Gymnastics Club of Weyburn sent a number of athletes to take part in the provincial championships, held at the Saskatoon Field House over the May 11-12 weekend.

In the CCP3 category, Shay Warren placed second in vault, fourth in uneven bars, eighth in beam, first in floor exercises, and was second in All-Round.

Sienna Walkeden placed sixth in vault, second in uneven bars, fourth in beam and floor, and was third in All-Round.

Lexi Heimlick placed 12T in vault, 11th in uneven bars, second on the beam, ninth on the floor and seven in All-Round.

Emily McLeod was fifth in vault, 2T for uneven bars, third on the beam, 15th on the floor and eights in All-Round.

Aubree Lawrence placed 12T in vault, 17th in uneven bars, 14th on the beam, 10th on the floor and 15th in All-Round.

In the CCP7 category, Peyton Lokken placed third in vault, third in uneven bars, sixth in beam, fifth in floor and placed fourth in All-Round.

Hannah Furgason was first in vault, sixth in uneven bars, fourth in beam, sixth in floor and was sixth for All-Round.

In the Xcel Gold category, Sadie Hodgkin was ninth in vault, 12th in uneven bars, sixth on the beam, sixth in floor, and sixth for All-Round.

Sophie Heimlick placed 16th in vault, 10th in uneven bars, fourth on the beam, 15th in floor and was ninth in All-Round.

In the Xcel Platinum category, Jaycee Giroux placed 4T in vault, fourth in uneven bars, 14th in beam, eighth in floor and sixth for All-Round.

Mackenzie Pulfer placed as 10T in vault, 14th in uneven bars, ninth in beam, 18th in floor and 10th for All-Round.

In club awards, in vault, Hannah Furgason ranked first, Shay Warren ranked second, Peyton Lokken ranked third and Jaycee Giroux was fourth.

For the uneven bars, Sienna Walkeden was 2T, Emily McLeod was 2T, Peyton Lokken ranked third, Shay Warren ranked fourth, and Jaycee Giroux ranked fourth.

On the beam, Lexi Heimlick ranked second, Emily McLeod ranked third, and Hannah Furgason and Sophie Heimlick ranked fourth.

On the floor, Shay Warren ranked first, and Sienna Walkeden ranked 4T.

In All-Round, Shay Warren ranked second, Sienna Walkeden ranked third, and Peyton Lokken ranked fourth.