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Weyburn lawyer acclaimed as Sask Party candidate for Weyburn-Bengough

Weyburn lawyer Mike Weger was acclaimed as the 2024 Saskatchewan Party Candidate for Weyburn-Bengough at a meeting of the riding association on Tuesday night.

WEYBURN – Weyburn lawyer Mike Weger was acclaimed as the 2024 Saskatchewan Party Candidate for Weyburn-Bengough at a meeting of the riding association on Tuesday evening.

“I’m excited to join the Saskatchewan Party team and ready to get to work,” Weger said. “I look forward to meeting and engaging with folks across our constituency as we get closer to the election later this year.”

Weger told supporters at the nomination meeting, “The Saskatchewan Party, with its recent budget has committed to Classrooms, Care and Communities and I know that is a commitment I can get behind in the Weyburn-Bengough constituency. As a father of four children, with my oldest attending the U of R, two attending Weyburn Comprehensive School, and one attending elementary school at St. Michael, I am personally involved in education through my kids at the different levels in our province and I plan on engaging with our local educators to find ways that we can improve our education system.”

He also spoke of the health challenges of his daughter who has Cystic Fibrosis, and said, “I believe my family’s experiences with our health care system will allow me to bring a unique perspective to our government when discussing our health care system. I also look forward to interacting with our local health care professionals to ensure that our government is doing as much as possible to attract and retain health care workers in our constituency.”

Weger added that he also wants to see the government continue to invest in communities, and he feels his connections to the community professionally and through his volunteer efforts will help him be a good candidate to represent the constituency.

“I know we have many strong communities within this constituency and I am excited for my future campaign to take me out to all of these communities. I look forward to meeting with community leaders and rural and municipal governments to better understand the needs of our communities,” he said.

“I will not take anything for granted in this constituency. As I campaign to be elected as the MLA for Weyburn-Bengough, there will be doors that need knocked on and signs that need to be pounded in to the ground. It won’t be easy for me, but I need to recognize that I can’t do this alone,” he added, noting he will be needing assistance from many volunteers as he gears up for the coming campaign.

Weger has practiced law for the past 15 years in Weyburn and has been the sole owner of his law firm for the past eight years. He attended the University of Regina for three years majoring in Political Science before moving to Saskatoon and graduating with a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Saskatchewan College of Law in 2007.

In addition to his professional life, Weger has been involved in numerous charitable and sports organizations. In 2018, Weger and his wife Cara were recognized as the recipients of the Mila Mulroney award from Cystic Fibrosis Canada for their involvement and fundraising efforts as co-presidents of the South Saskatchewan Chapter of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. He has also previously served the City of Weyburn as a paid on-call firefighter. Weger has volunteered as a basketball, soccer, softball and hockey coach for many years and was named the Saskatchewan Hockey Association Volunteer of the Year – South in 2021.

Weger and his wife Cara reside in Weyburn with their four children.