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Discover the story behind artist who created two murals in Assiniboia

Art exhibition at Shurniak Gallery in Assiniboia to feature Southern Saskatchewan artist Stephanie Bellefleur.

ASSINIBOIA--You may have read about artist Stephanie Bellefleur’s work following her second mural completion in Assiniboia or you may have heard about her after viewing her two murals in the community. Bellefleur’s work will be part of an exhibition entitled “Homecoming” that begins Jan. 20 and concludes March 8.

Bellefleur was awarded a Canada Arts Council grant to create an exhibition, and through discussions with the artist herself and Assiniboia’s Shurniak Gallery, it was decided this location was the perfect exhibition space for her work.

The Saskatchewan artist was born in Venezuela but grew up in Southern Saskatchewan, and has returned home to Willow Bunch after living in Toronto for a number of years.

Bellefleur’s work incorporates bold colours with strong graphic lines and she has worked on both ground level community engaged murals, such as the two that are part of Assiniboia’s landscape, as well as high impact projects that encompass multiple stories high.

Her website outlines, “Stephanie has been awarded both provincial and federal grants for both municipal and federal arts funding agencies. She also provides mentorship for BIPOC folk and marginalized groups with focus on youth in shelters.”

Her first mural in Assiniboia was completed in 2021 using contemporary themes to offer a sense of civic pride in the Town of Assiniboia and showcase Metis representation and agriculture as the bread basket of the country.

Bellefleur’s second mural in Assiniboia was completed in 2023, combining a scale of prairie life at large with a universal depiction of what it means to be from grasslands, wild flowers, crocus, sacred tobacco flower, cactus, elderberry, farmer’s almanac and Indigenous First Nations people with respect to the land. featured her mural stories Mural by Stephanie Bellefleur brightens downtown Assiniboia -   and  Mural in Assiniboia is a tribute to Truth & Reconcilication -

In a Jan. 11 interview for the Assiniboia Times and, Bellefluer says, “I hope to be part of the change to supporting local artists and continuing that conversation. The Shurniak Gallery can introduce a new way of doing things.”

Bellefleur says the show was set to open Jan. 13 but a mutual decision was made, because of the frigid weather brought on by the polar vortex, to bump back opening date to Jan. 20. She will host an artist talk from 11 a.m. to noon that day.

“It is a big deal for me to share part of my work, what it’s been like to come from Toronto as an emerging artist, street art and to become super introspective in a small town.”

Bellefleur says her exhibition is all about the human experience and the many emotions involved in being an artist and this opportunity is a great way to share that artist experience.

“Murals talk about community but this show will be more about the individual.”

Bellefleur has about 30 pieces in this collection but as installation occurs, it will be decided which art pieces will be part of this exhibition.

“Assiniboia has gone outside of their zone to support things that might seem different or out of the ordinary and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. The Town of Assiniboia have been amazing champions on new and innovative things to make life better. Artists are not successful without people who work to get them to exhibits and galleries like in Assiniboia and the Shurniak Gallery, and I am very thankful for the support in southern Saskatchewan.”

You can learn more about this artist on her website as well as follow the Shurniak Gallery