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E-bike rentals business coming to Kenosee

Their business, called 306 E-bike Rentals, will be open for the first time on May 19.
There will be three styles of e-bikes to choose from at 306 E-Bike Rentals.

KENOSEE LAKE - Michelle Coderre and her fiancée Preston Schira went to Clear Lake, Man., for a vacation last year.

While at the lake, the couple rented some e-bikes and toured the trails, loving every minute of it. They enjoyed the bikes so much, they are starting a rental business with e-bikes in Kenosee Lake.

The couple is from the Stoughton-Kisbey area and has three children, Jayden, Abby and Jersey, but it was their 15-year-old daughter Abby that fell in love with a folding step-through bike.

Their business, called 306 E-bike Rentals, will be open for the first time on May 19. The company will be located near the Kenosee baseball diamonds. They plan to be open every day afterwards.

Coderre said they have 11 bikes so far. The 500-kilowatt charge makes the batteries last for five hours, but they will only be rented for a maximum of three hours, to ensure the batteries last.

To rent a bike, clients need to be over the age of 14 years. They will also be required to be with a guardian and helmets will be supplied at all times.

Upon the return of the bikes, each one will be carefully sanitized, along with the helmets, to ensure the safety and health of everyone that rides the bikes.

Three styles of E-bikes will be available to individual’s needs, but they have a child carrier as well which will attach to the mountain bike.

The folding step-through e-bike offers riders the most upright position. It is also the easiest to mount and dismount with the step-through curved frame.

They will also have the mountain e-bike. This bike is similar to a regular mountain bike but without the peddling. This bike also has the ability to have a child carrier to pull behind the bike.

Last is the fat tire e-bike. With its fat tires, it is easy to go through sand and over rocks.

Coderre and Schira are excited about this new challenge in their lives. They look forward to seeing people in Kenosee to go for an e-bike ride.