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Multi-talented Eli Barsi releases her latest book

Her latest literary venture is When Sunny Came to Town.
Eli Barsi has released multiple books to go along with her other artistic projects.

MOOSOMIN - Eli Barsi is a talented woman, and those gifts led to her third book, When Sunny Came to Town.

Barsi began drafting the book with her grandson in mind, but he turned out to be the character.

“However, the book is about all of us,” said Barsi.

Growing up on a farm near Kennedy, she learned at an early age that music was in her bones, and she needed to pursue a career of making and sharing music.

Thirty-nine years later she is still making music, playing professionally all over the world and working on her 18th album, with songs written for her 19th album.

She also began to write books and create pieces of unique art with the beauty of Saskatchewan.

Starting her journey in Saskatchewan, she then went to Alberta and moved onto Nashville and Missouri, but Saskatchewan called her back home.

Barsi met her husband John Cunningham during this time. They have been married for 33 years and have one daughter and a grandson. Another grandson is on the way.

Cunningham and Barsi work together in the music business as well as independently, as Cunningham  has many projects on the go.

Her new book is labelled for children, but she feels the message is for everyone.

When Sunny Came to Town is about everyone and the importance of sharing gifts,” said Barsi.

“We all possess something special, beautiful and unique that we are inherently good at or drawn to,” she said. “A certain skill, talent, passion. Innate ability or gift.”

Barsi feels when these gifts are cultivated, they should be shared with the world to create a sense of meaning and purpose in people's lives.

In her latest book, a little boy helps a small town find its voice and the joy of singing. It took Barsi eight months to write, only because she was busy with other projects. Normally it would take one or two months to complete.

It takes several steps to publish a book, but Barsi self publishes hers as she finds it easier and more economical to do it in-house.

She has been publishing her own music for 30 years and the books will fall under that  umbrella.

The new book was released on May 1 and will be available online. Barsi will be booking dates with libraries, schools and other venues where she will read her book and allow children to ask questions. There will always be time for book signings as well.

Currently Barsi is based out of Moosomin, owning Prairie Girl Gallery, Gift Boutique and Art Centre. Cunningham and Barsi own Rockin Bar C Studio in Moosomin and have recorded over 35 projects for other artists.

Soon the couple will be hitting the road for several shows across Canada, and then they will fly to Germany and Ireland and be on tour there.

If this was not enough, Barsi will once again attend the Moose Mountain Provincial Park's Artist Colony in the summer with a full new line of art. This is a favourite summertime event for her, when she gets to meet other talented artists and spend two weeks at the beautiful Kenosee Lake.