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Stoughton has a new postmaster after 19 years

Koreana Bjarnason-Stomp replaces Colleen Andris, who was the postmaster in Stoughton for 19 years.
Koreana Bjarnason-Stomp is the new postmaster at the Stoughton Canada Post office.

STOUGHTON - Colleen Andris was the postmaster in Stoughton for 19 years until April 1, when she decided it was time to retire.

Andris began working for Canada Post in 1988 while living in Saskatoon. In 2005, on her birthday no less, she received the letter that she was the new postmaster in Stoughton. She moved to the town and became an active member of the community, serving with many organizations and on town council.

She knew everyone in town and often took the time to chat with customers when they picked up their mail.

The postmaster's position has been filled and Koreana Bjarnason-Stomp has taken on the role.

Bjarnason-Stomp was born and raised on a farm 15 kilometres west of Stoughton on Highway 13 and is the third generation to be raised on the farm. She is the middle child of the late Stefan Bjarnason and Dorothy Turton, and she attended Stoughton Central School from kindergarten through Grade 12.

Once she graduated school, she moved to Weyburn and had her daughter in 1999. Kaylee now resides in the U.S. and has a little girl that has made Bjarnason-Stomp an immensely proud grandmother.

She then moved to Red Deer and got her start with the credit union, but returned to the southeast when Kaylee was ready to start school. Kaylee also attended the Stoughton school while her mom worked full time in Weyburn at the credit union.

They moved back to Weyburn in 2012 when Kaylee started junior high school. When Kaylee graduated in 2017, they moved to Fillmore and Bjarnason-Stomp received employment with Canada Post in Creelman in July 2020.

She soon realized that this job suited her well, and she loves giving the best customer service and helping people with their requests.

“I love watching the excitement when people pick up their parcels,” said Bjarnason-Stomp.

Now that she works full time as the postmaster in Stoughton, it is her hope to return to the hometown that she loves.

Bjarnason-Stomp also owns a holistic healing business in Fillmore. She is a certified practitioner in reflexology; does hypnosis therapy, Usui reiki and mediumship; and provides angel card readings.

Often on the weekends, she is at tradeshows or retreats, like Soul Feast that will be held at Kenosee Lake in July, or offering private sessions, workshops or drum circles.

Bjarnason-Stomp looks forward to renewing friendships in Stoughton and getting to know the unfamiliar faces in town as she masters her new position.