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Vanessa Wraithe is excited to be at artist colony

Vanessa Wraithe will be at the Artist Colony from July 2-8.
Creating art is a joy for Vanessa Wraithe and she shares it in the hope that others feel it too.

MOOSE MOUNTAIN PROVINCIAL PARK - Born in Kipling, artist Vanessa Wraithe moved with her family to Regina where she attended elementary school. They then relocated to Wawota where she completed her high school years.

Wraithe currently lives in Regina with her partner Brad Korol and her two dogs Zen and Kai.

Always having an appreciation and interest in art, she loved creating, but also enjoyed writing and reading since she was a child.

Now as an adult, she is emerging as a multidisciplinary artist specializing in visual and literacy art.

Wraithe’s work spans a diverse range, including painting, photography, illustrations, wood burning, sculpture, poetry and short stories.

Using a variety of mediums, Wraithe enjoys using acrylic watercolours, spray paint, ink, graphite, charcoal, air-dry clay and repurposed found objects.

Although Wraithe enjoys working with all mediums – she experiments with many forms of art – painting holds a special place in her heart.

The versatility of the medium and the process often has her coming home covered in paint despite her best effort to keep it contained to whatever project she is working on.

She tried to touch everyone with her pieces, from scenes of gorgeous nature and Prairie landscapes, to imaginative quirky creations.

Wraithe strongly believes that all types of people need to experience art in their everyday lives.

Wraithe is excited about attending the Artist Colony of Moose Mountain Provincial Park as she considers Kenosee her second home.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have a very large family with most of them living in or around the Kenosee area,” said Wraithe.

Having fond memories of being in Kenosee with her family and visiting the Artist Colony, she has loved seeing the amazing artists that have been in attendance for many years.

Wraithe was surprised she could apply to be an artist at the lake and incredibly happy to learn she was one of the artists selected to display her work.

With fostering curiosity and inspiration, she looks forward to welcoming the public into a space where they can join her in conversation.

She hopes they will catch a glimpse of her creation processes and leave with something valued from their experience.

Wraithe will be at the Artist Colony from July 2-8 and her time there is also a much-needed step away from the hectic pace of the city.

This will give her a chance to reconnect with the serene natural beauty of Kenosee Lake, while doing one of the things she loves – art.