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Council approves changes to cemetery bylaw

Latest from the Estevan city council meeting.
Estevan city hall summer
Estevan city hall

ESTEVAN — Estevan city council gave second and third readings to a new cemetery bylaw during the June 24 meeting.

The changes are expected to address a few things that are lacking in the current document, and provide clarification for funeral homes. It will also address some issues with headstones.

First reading was given on June 10, and no concerns were brought forward since then.


Council approved a request from Josh Biggs to have a invite-only block party on Hawkes Bay on Aug. 17. The event would include bouncy castles on the street, live bands and more.

The request called for the city to donate use of the stage to help promote the event, but council decided the stage should still be rented. Party organizers would have paid for the structure's transportation and setup.

Barricades will be provided free of charge.


While discussing the South East Transportation Planning Committee's most recent meeting, Coun. Lindsay Clark noted that the tender is out for the refurbishment of Highway 18 from west of Estevan to Oungre, and the three kilometres closest to Estevan were not included. He believes it's in better shape than some other affected portions, but he's concerned that with the traffic that will be on the road for construction of a new solar power facility west of the city will cause the route close to Estevan to further deteriorate.

He said it should be added to the resurfacing next year. Resurfacing is expected to occur in 2025.


Council approved an amended credit card policy for city employees who are granted and assigned a corporate credit card. The conditions govern the responsible use of, and procedures for, credit cards belonging to the City of Estevan. 

Credit cards are issued to the mayor, city manager, treasurer, police chief, fire chief and city clerk, with a total authorized credit limit of $70,000 between the six departments.

The policy governs limits and conditions of use, monthly statements, cardholder responsibilities, monitoring, disputed transactions, renewals and termination of employment.


Council approved a dwelling to be moved to 522 First Street. The home has been located at a business on Kensington Avenue.

Land development services manager Richard Neufeld said they want to avoid situations in which the building doesn't fit the neighbourhood. Windows will be added to the side facing the street of this new home.

Neufeld noted he did not receive any negative feedback about the project from the neighbourhood. 


Council approved an updated agreement for the Fas Gas pole sign at 942 Fourth Street.

As part of the recent change of ownership, the new owner wants the pact with the city to be updated. The company will continue to pay $150 per year for the city land where the sign is located. 

Neufeld noted the existing pole sign has been located on the property for at least two decades.


Display sheds will be allowed at 206 Fourth Street, which is currently a vacant lot.

Neufeld wrote a business was set up without a business licence or development permit. He added this was the result of enforcement action on the city's part. When the display bylaw was created, Neufeld said the city likely never imagined these types of buildings would be placed for sale.

Neufeld said the sheds are not unsightly and he believes they're better than a vacant property, so he voiced support.