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Estevan air cadets host ceremonial review and celebrate awards recipients

No. 30 Wylie-Mitchell Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron wrapped another year by hosting their 83rd annual ceremonial review and awards parade at the Wylie-Mitchell Hall on May 21.

ESTEVAN — Estevan's No. 30 Wylie-Mitchell Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron wrapped another year of training, education, discipline, camaraderie and fun by hosting their 83rd annual ceremonial review and awards parade at the Wylie-Mitchell Hall on May 21.

Commanding officer Connie Hagel said the night is a wind-up for the cadets, their parents and the officers, which gives recognition to some of the cadets' work throughout the year. It gives them a chance to show their parents what they've done and achieved with a drill inspection.

Councillor Kirsten Walliser along with the Royal Canadian Legion Estevan branch representative and Air Cadets League rep partook in the event. Walliser reviewed the squadron, chatted with the members and presented some of the awards, as did other dignitaries along with squadron staff.

"It's a showcase for them to see what they've learned and done throughout the year," Hagel said.

Three cadets did the speeches, drill team performed a routine and the band played O, Canada and God Save the King.

Warrant Officer First Class (WO1) Moksh Rabari was recognized as Top Cadet Overall with Walliser presenting the award.

The Top First Year Cadet award, sponsored by Ray Marchand and presented by Hagel, went to Leading Air Cadet (LAC) Eliyah Cinnamon. Marchand, who passed away in 2013, was a long-time member of No. 30 Wylie-Mitchell Air Cadets. He served as an officer and a member of the parents committee.

Top Second Year Cadet, presented by Capt. Danielle Fleury, went to Cpls. Sterling Abtosway and Marc Nathan Bourlassa.

Top Third Year Cadet, presented by Civilian Instructor (CI) Carrie-Jo Niebergall on behalf of the Dunbar family, went to Flight Cpl. Jenna Fleury.

Hagel presented the top shot award to FSgt. Joelle Cinnamon.

The Most Improved Cadet award was presented to FCpl. James Salmasan and LAC Adalyn Jones-Christopherson.

The Top Volunteer award in memory of Irene Dotty was presented to Cpl. Maddex Steinke-Larivee by Danielle Fleury. Dotty, who resided with her husband Jack in the Carlyle area and passed away last fall, was first involved in the air cadet program in 1975, which was the first year that females could join. She was secretary of the parents chair for eight years and then was nominated to the provincial committee of the Air Cadet League. In 1984, she was nominated to the national committee and became the first female on the Air Cadet League Committee. In 1994, she became the first woman president of the National Air Cadet League.

The Drill and Deportment award was presented to WO1 Rabari and FSgt. Joelle Cinnamon by Walliser.

The Esprit de Corps award went to LAC Ayesha Duran, and was presented by Heinrickson.

Best Dressed in Ranks award was presented to LAC Eliyah Cinnamon by Walliser.

Best Dressed Overall award went to FSgt. Joelle Cinnamon and was handed by Danielle Fleury.

Besides, the night saw the attendance awards, which were presented by Niebergall. The pins are given to cadets who have had at least 75 per cent attendance in all mandatory training activities and less than five absences on the mandatory weekend activities.

Level 1 recipients were LACs Wilson, Simpson, Dixon, Patal, Schott, Cinnamon, Tokarchuk and Desjarlais, and cadets Fisher and Tamblyn. Level 2 went to Cpls. Howard, Kienlen, Steinke-Larivee, Burlasa, Barbour, Abtosway, Schott and Pick, LAC Mosley and cadet Adaya. Level 3 pins were presented to FCpls. Fleury and Salmasan. Level 4 pin was handed to FSgt. Cinnamon. Level 5 pins were handed to WO1 Rabari and FSgt. Leigh.

Hagel noted that they have recruited 18 new cadets this past year bringing the total to 38 cadets in the squadron. FSgt. Leigh is graduating this year, but Hagel said as soon as the new year hits, they see a lot of new recruits, as the program offers a lot of excitement.

"We're going gliding this weekend, we're doing an orienteering day, which is map and compass familiarization. This is the second time this year that we are going gliding," Hagel said. "Cadets really enjoy every aspect of it, and mostly the campouts."

The air cadets are standing down as of the end of June, with some camps available throughout summer.

"We have six cadets that have applied for camps. As of yet, we haven't heard which ones go. So hopefully they all go. And then the rest of us just stand down until the fall. And in the fall, we do our open house again. … And then there's a couple campouts, and we were doing a lot more with other squadrons, which gets the kids to get to know other cadets," Hagel said.

She noted that the new recruits are accepted throughout their active year. Applications can be put forward once a child turns 12 years of age. To apply, people can reach out to Hagel or come to Wylie-Mitchell Hall any Tuesday during the air cadets' year, bringing a health card and birth certificate.