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KCRA Rodeo brought lots of excitement to Estevan

Competitions were held for men, women and children during the Estevan rodeo stop.
The opening night of the KCRA Rodeo had lots of entertainment.

ESTEVAN - Rodeo fans were treated to three straight days of great action during the KCRA Rodeo that was part of the Estevan Exhibition Association's Energy City Ex.

Hundreds of people competed between the different divisions that were offered from Friday to Sunday at the Graham Collie Arena. Due to the number of performers in several of the classes, a slack performance was needed in the morning each day, and the top finishers advanced to the final round that night. Other disciplines only needed evening competitions.

There were multiple divisions for men, women and youth each day.

The top finishers on Friday night in the adult classes were Jhett Cross in tie-down roping with a time of 13.89 seconds; Dustin Rieger, steer wrestling, 6.4 seconds; Mackenzie Shauf, ladies breakaway roping, 7.9 seconds; Meghan Olynek, ladies' barrel racing, 16.506 seconds; Jace Schellenberg and Kade McConnell, team roping, 16 seconds; Trey Tuplin in saddle bronc with a score of 64; and Jace Beierback, bull riding, 78.

There were no qualified rides in bareback.

In the youth divisions, winners on Friday were Wyatt Cooper, peewee roping, 15.2 seconds; Allee Lapeller, junior roping, 10.1 seconds, Steel Tallentire peewee breakaway, 8.2 seconds; Amelia Heagy, junior breakaway, three seconds; Madison Leonard, peewee barrels, 16.8 seconds; London Cote, junior barrel racing, 16.756 seconds; Steel Tallentire in peewee steer riding with a score of 64; and Ethan Small and Jason Wills tied for first in junior steer riding with a score of 69.

In Saturday's action, the adult winners were Kyler Lorenz, saddle bronc, 57, Carson Nyhus, bareback, 57; Matt Pick, tie-down roping, 11.3 seconds; Cody Christman, steer wrestling, 16.7 seconds; Lara Beierbach, ladies' breakaway roping, 6.5 seconds; Curtis Taypotat and Zane Fredbjornson, team roping, 17.4 seconds; and Jewelian Cox, ladies' barrel racing, 16.374 seconds,

There were no qualified rides in bull riding on Saturday.

In the junior events, winners were Santana Madge, junior barrel racing, 16.81 seconds; Madison Leonard, peewee barrel racing, 17.202 seconds; Cardell Noble, junior roping, 13.1 seconds; Cache Tallentire, junior breakaway, 4.7 seconds; Foster Arneson, junior steer riding, 62; and Steel Talllentire, peewee breakaway, 14.2 seconds, and peewee steer riding, 62.

There were no successful entries in peewee roping.

Winners in adult classes for Sunday were Lisa Madge, barrel racing, 15.916 seconds, Hayden Jones, breakaway roping, 5.8 seconds; Matt Pick and Rudy Quibell, team roping, 19.2 seconds; and Jace Beierbach, steer wrestling, 6.1 seconds, and tie-down roping, 10.4 seconds.

There weren't any qualified rides in bull riding, saddle bronc or bareback.

In the junior divisions, winners were Kage Sandilands, junior roping, 13.0 seconds; Korbin Cross, junior breakaway, 2.9 seconds; Madison Leonard, peewee barrel racing, 16.492 seconds; Blake Hedin, junior barrel racing, 16.235 seconds; Tory Chamberlin, peewee roping, 15.4 seconds; Dawson Danberg, junior steer riding, 62; and Steel Tallentire, peewee steer riding, 65.

There were no successful entrants among the peewee breakaway riders.

The Truco Trick Riders, a group of talented horse riders from southeast Saskatchewan, entertained during the intermission on Friday and Saturday. Also, during the intermission on Friday night, Jaycee Ross' 4-H steer was auctioned off and raised more than $53,000 for the campaign to bring an MRI scanner to Estevan.

The Energy City has been a favourite stop for the KCRA since Estevan joined the tour in 2021, and last year Estevan was selected as the premier stop.