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Coffee and donuts for southeast non-profits

The Tims for Good campaign made its way to Estevan and Weyburn last Wednesday.
Newcomers Tims for Good
Southeast Newcomer Services employees were treated to some coffee and donuts last week as part of the Tims for Good campaign. Enjoying the afternoon treats were, from left, Michael Pelletier, organization guest Iraquel Malabag, Gayle Allen, Jason Thorne with Tims for Good, Diana Insley, Madison Skjonsby and SNS executive director Debbie Hagel.

ESTEVAN - Members of some southeast non-for-profit organizations were treated to coffee and donuts last week.

The Tims for Good campaign made its way to Estevan and Weyburn last Wednesday.

In Estevan, they paid a visit to Southeast Newcomer Services, as well as to Estevan Diversified Services and SARCAN.

Jason Thorne, the regional tour manager with the Tims for Good campaign, said he's been on the road for about a month, delivering treats to organizations that mean so much for their communities.

"The Tims for Good campaign is all about saying thank you to essential workers and people doing good work in the community. We're trying to go around and show our appreciation for all kinds of folks who have gone above and beyond to help others during the past couple of years when it's been so difficult," Thorne said.

Most organizations get nominated by various people in their communities. Tims for Good is always on tour, so when they come through the area they make sure they visit all the local groups that were nominated.

"We build up a big list of people and organizations to visit when we're in town. And then we confirm with them, make sure it's a good time and date. And then we come by, say hi, thank you so much for all that they do, and drop off some coffee and donuts as a little treat to give them a quick meal," Thorne explained.

The campaign is a year-round project that's been going on more or less since the beginning of the pandemic.

"It's been just a nice pivot for Tim's to give back to the community and say thank you to people doing good work," said Thorne.

He added that to nominate someone, people can just mention it to their local Tim Hortons or find the campaign online through their website.