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Canadians will head to the polls

Voters will head to the polls for a federal election on September 20.
Voters will head to the polls on Sept. 20.

ASSINIBOIA -- Following a meeting with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on August 15, Gov. Gen. Mary Simon approved his request to dissolve Parliament, triggering the issuing of the election writs and formally beginning Canada’s 44th federal election.

The federal parties then went to work to detail their plans to revive the country’s economy after months of pain from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Liberals and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are promising to extend a hiring credit first unveiled in their recent budget, aimed at boosting payrolls.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole laid out his party’s full platform, which similarly aims to create jobs, but also unwinds the Trudeau government’s child-care system.

Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is promising to pry money out of the pockets of CEOs who saw their compensation rise even as their companies received federal business aid.

Voters will head to the polls on Sept. 20.

Maverick Party is ready to contest 27 ridings in all four Western Provinces, according to Jay Hill, Maverick Party Interim Leader and former Conservative Cabinet Minister.

Elections Canada has put in place health and safety measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in polling places and in Elections Canada offices.

Health and safety measures may vary by province or territory.

Elections Canada will mail a voter information card to all registered electors. The vast majority of electors are already correctly registered and will receive a voter information card by the first day of advance polls on September 10, though there may be delays, depending on when polling locations are identified.

As of publication deadlines, only three names were identified as Federal Election candidates for the Cypress Hills-Grassland riding: Jeremy Patzer, Conservatives; Alex McPhee, NDP; and Mark Skagen, Maverick.

Business groups were looking for a detailed road map for recovery, including targeted aid for businesses still smarting from public health restrictions through to next year and debt relief for small companies that piled on debt to survive the downturn.

Mandatory vaccinations have become an early election issue as each party vies for voters in the 36-day campaign, the shortest allowed under the election law.

New survey results from Leger suggest Trudeau’s Liberals were clinging to a five-point lead on the eve of the campaign.