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City of Weyburn launches new notification system

The City of Weyburn has launched a new notification system for residents.
City Hall 8981
The City of Weyburn is offering a new notification system for alerts to residents.

WEYBURN – The City of Weyburn has launched a new notification system for residents.

Voyent Alert! is a multi-purpose communication service provided by the City to keep the community informed.

The system sends alerts to residents, businesses and visitors with a range of notices including both major emergency events and day-to-day communications, such as road maintenance and closures, water advisories, daily programs and services, etc.

The notification system allows residents to create and track multiple locations such as “Kid’s School” or “Mom’s House.”

“It gives flexibility to choose communications related to tracked locations and user preference on how messages are delivered,” said Paige Tenbult, communications coordinator for the City of Weyburn.

“Voyent’s alerting capabilities ensure you’re only notified when communication is relevant to your locations.”

It is free and easy to register. Receive alerts over a wide variety of communication channels including mobile app, text alerting, email or voice calling.

“You can register for all or just one of them. It is designed to customize and target information to residents for both critical emergencies and day-to-day notifications,” said Tenbult.

This replaces the use of Everbridge, the City’s previous notification system. Current subscribers of Everbridge were scheduled to receive a notice May 29 providing information and directions on how to change preferences or removing themselves from the service. Notifications may be sent by the City of Weyburn, Weyburn Fire Department or the Weyburn Police Service.

Voyent Alert! does not replace any existing communication during emergencies, such as news releases and information online, but will act as an additional tool. Visit details on the system and how to start receiving alerts.

Current notifications can be found