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EPS celebrates new sergeant

Estevan Police Service member was presented with sergeant stripes and plaque on Wednesday.
Trevor Roberts
Trevor Roberts, left, was promoted to sergeant by Chief Richard Lowen.

ESTEVAN - Estevan police member Trevor Roberts was recently promoted to sergeant.

The official ceremony was held at the city hall on June 22.

Estevan Police Chief Richard Lowen shared the history of Roberts' successes with the Estevan board of police commissioners, his colleagues and family at the ceremony.

Roberts graduated from Saskatchewan Police College in 2010. He was a police officer with Saskatchewan Highway Transport Patrol from 2003-10 and a police constable with Wilton Police Service from 2010-13.

While with Sask. Police College Recruit Class, Roberts was the valedictorian. He was also the recipient of the International Police Association Leadership Award.

Roberts joined the EPS as a third-year police constable in February 2013.

"He's worked as a platoon constable. He's also been an acting sergeant on a platoon. Since June of 2016, he was the detective constable in Criminal Investigations Unit. In January of 2021, he became a joint tactical support team leader, and in April of 2022, Criminal Investigations Unit detective sergeant," Lowen shared.

Roberts also held some additional roles. He's been a member of the EPS ceremonial team and an instructor for the Operational Investigators course at the Sask. Police College.

Roberts obtained an abundance of training certificates with EPS and attended various workshops.

"Trevor is very dedicated to his career and his family who is here with us today. He spends his off-duty time with his wife, Stacy, and two young girls, Jorja and Isla, who are here. He keeps busy with the girls' activities including hockey. He enjoys taking his family on adventures exploring, and he does spend personal time in the gym as well. And I'm told at one time he used to have a motorcycle but apparently, he sold it," Lowen shared.

Roberts' resume also says that he plays bagpipes.

Roberts was presented with his sergeant stripes and sergeant plaque before the board.

"It's a huge honour when you think of us as a police service. We're in our 116th year as a municipal police service in Saskatchewan, and it's a pretty huge honour to think of all the sergeants and members that came before us in any rank, but especially the sergeant ranks. [It's] pretty humbling to be a part of that group now with current and past sergeants. Big task and something that I'm looking forward to help out in a different capacity of the service in the community. Thank you very much," Roberts said.