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Estevan firefighters deal with CO leak

Latest news from the Estevan fire department.
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ESTEVAN — The Estevan Fire Rescue Service’s members were called to the house of one of the firefighters on March 1.

A carbon monoxide alarm went off in a residence on the northeast side of the city at about 11:30 a.m. The owner was already investigating the situation and determined there were indeed higher CO readings in the house.

"We responded over there to help ventilate the house, called in SaskEnergy and assisted while they determined that it was an issue with the furnace. So, we just made sure that the house was ventilated and down to a safe level so that they could continue to work on the problem," said Estevan Fire Chief Rick Davies.

Nobody was harmed as a result of the CO leak.

Spring may bring in changing weather, and Davies reminded residents to make sure their exhaust and intake vents are free of ice and build-up.

"Just be cognizant, if you are out and about in the yard, that you are looking at the chimneys or … side vents, and just make sure that there's no ice or snow buildup on them, and that they're all clear to do what they need to do," Davies said.

The EFRS also held its annual awards banquet on Saturday. For more information, see next week’s edition of the Mercury.