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Five Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medals presented in Carlyle

Individuals recognized for community to volunteering and sports.
From left, recipients Peter Piper, Wendy Rounce, Mary Anne Veroba, Carol Vanstone, Jack Wilson and MLA Daryl Harrison.

CARLYLE - Cannington MLA Daryl Harrison recently honoured another five Saskatchewan residents with prestigious Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medals.

The presentation took place at the Royal Canadian Legion Hut in Carlyle on April 15. Awards for volunteerism were presented to Peter Piper of Stoughton, Carol Vanstone of Carnduff, and Wendy Rounce and Jack Wilson of Carlyle. Mary Anne Veroba received her award for excellence in sports.

The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal was created to celebrate the 70th anniversary year of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne.

The medal is a way for the province of Saskatchewan to honour the Queen for her service to Canada. A total of 7,000 medals will be awarded to deserving citizens in Saskatchewan.