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Preliminary election results finish Conservative blue in all three Regina ridings

Live reporting of poll results for Regina–Lewvan, Regina–Qu'Appelle and Regina–Wascana.
Regina riding winners
L-R: Andrew Scheer, MP for Regina–Qu'Appelle; Warren Steinley, MP for Regina–Lewvan; and Michael Kram, MP for Regina–Wascana were all re-elected to their ridings as Conservative Party candidates.

REGINA – As the final poll results wrap up, Saskatchewan voters are awash in a sea of Conservative blue once again. 

Of the fourteen federal ridings in the province, thirteen have re-elected Conservative incumbents according to preliminary election results reported by Elections Canada — including Regina’s three ridings.

Only Saskatoon West remains a potential deviant, with Conservative incumbent Brad Redekopp and NDP opposition Robert Douchette in a too-close-to-call race for the seat — one that will likely come down to Tuesday’s final results.

Meanwhile in Regina, Andrew Scheer, former leader of the Conservative Party, held onto his seat in Regina–Qu’Appelle, in a landslide win with 17,631 total votes from 165 of 179 polls reporting. 

NDP’s Annaliese Bos trailed significantly behind with 5,814 votes, while Liberal Party candidate Cecelia Melanson recorded 2,764 votes, People’s Party of Canada candidate Andrew Yubeta with 1,502 votes and Green Party candidate Naomi Hunter took 606 votes.

Regina–Wascana will also remain Conservative after results from 144 of 175 polls reporting. A re-election victory for Michael Kram is secure, who recorded 10,161 votes. Opponent Sean McEachern, with the Liberal Party, followed with 5,548 votes, closely tailed by NDP candidate Erin Hidlebaugh with 4,396 votes. 

The PPC’s Mario Milanovski trailed with 847 votes and the Green Party’s Victor Lau with 404 votes.

And in the most contested race of the three, incumbent Warren Steinley peeled ahead of NDP’s Tria Donaldson, after a relatively tight race at the beginning of poll reporting. 

With 201 of 216 polls reporting, Steinley held onto Regina–Lewvan for the Conservatives, finishing the night with 15,884 votes, while Donaldson followed with 11,488 votes.

Susan Cameron with the Liberal Party trailed both by a margin, with 4,288 votes, and PPC candidate Rod Kletchko even further with 1,333 votes. Green Party’s Michael Wright took 428 votes.

NOTE: All figures reported tonight are considered preliminary results. Elections Canada will confirm official results after counting special ballots on Tuesday, including mail-in ballots.


UPDATE (10:35 p.m.): Polls in Saskatchewan have officially closed for this year’s federal election, and ballot results are beginning to trickle in.

Regina residents will be watching three separate ridings that cover part of the Queen City, all of which are held by Conservative incumbents elected during the 2019 election. 

All three ridings ran an election trail with five candidates each, representing the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party, the Green Party and the People’s Party of Canada.

Stay tuned to as staff provides updates, as results come in.


Incumbent and former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is seeking re-election, in a campaign race against NDP candidate Annaliese Bos, Liberal candidate Cecelia Melanson, Green candidate Naomi Hunter and PPC candidate Andrew Yubeta.

With 163 of 179 polls reporting, Scheer leads the race with 16,116 votes (61.3 per cent). Bos trails with 5,573 votes (21.52per cent), Melanson with 2,629 votes, Yubeta with 1,424 votes and Hunter with 562 votes.


Incumbent Conservative Michael Kram is also seeking re-election, in a campaign race against NDP candidate Erin Hidlebaugh, Liberal candidate Sean McEachern, Green candidate Victor Lau and PPC candidate Mario Milanovski.

With 141 of 175 polls reporting, Kram leads the race with 8,339 votes (46.8 per cent). McEachern trails with 4,668 votes (26.2 per cent), Hidlebaugh with 3,758 votes (21.1 per cent), Milanovski with 705 votes and Lau with 354 votes.


Incumbent Conservative Warren Steinley is also seeking re-election, in a tight campaign race against NDP candidate Tria Donaldson. Also in the running are Liberal candidate Susan Cameron, Green candidate Michael Wright and PPC candidate Rod Kletchko.

With 200 of 216 polls reporting, Steinley leads the race with 15,227 votes (47.2 per cent). Donaldson follows closely with 11,119 votes (34.5 per cent), Cameron with 4,198 votes, Kletchko with 1,291 votes and Wright with 416 votes.