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McMillan Motor Products donates SUV to Ukraine family

Family is the second from Ukraine to settle in Wawota in recent months.
McMillan Motors
McMillan Motor Product donated a 2007 Nissan SUV to the Krushelnytskyi family. From left, Sasha, Liubba, Nazir and Volodymyr Krushelnytskyi.

WAWOTA - With the lives of many Ukrainian families altered in their war-stricken country, Canadians have opened their hearts and wallets to the families arriving in Saskatchewan. 

Wawota just welcomed another Ukraine family into their community. 

According to Pastor Kevin Kay, one of the relocation committee members, this is the second family to arrive in Wawota in the last few months. 

It is a lengthy process to get families to Canada. At first the committee wanted to focus on the children but did not want to split up families. 

Kay felt it was heartbreaking to watch the news and see all the families with children and only a suitcase in hand, fleeing Ukraine to Poland. 

Once a family arrives in Wawota, they are set up in a fully furnished home. Everything they need is donated through the community and surrounding areas. 

This new family arrived July 3. Volodymyr Krushelnytskyi and his wife Liubba and their two sons, Nazir, who is 11 years old, and Sasha, who is two, will be given time to settle into their new life. 

Krushelnytskyi is a truck driver by trade and will work for Q-line Trucking. He is an international truck driver and drove all over Europe, while his wife Liubba will work at a daycare. 

At this point, McMillan Motor Products in Kipling stepped up to the plate and donated a vehicle to the family. When the business heard about the need of a vehicle for the new family, they contacted the Wawota committee. 

They supplied the Krushelnytskyi family with a 2007 Nissan SUV. They could now venture out and see the vast beauty of Saskatchewan. 

According to Kay, two more Ukraine families will hopefully arrive in September. 

The families will be given time to process their new surroundings and space to settle into their new lives. 

Once settled, a gathering will be held to welcome them all into the community.