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Lampman's new Therapeutic Park named in honour of Shirley Carson

The idea of Shirley Carson Therapeutic Park is to offer a place for people to go, to get away from life’s stresses, and just sit and relax.
From left, Isabella Geisel-Metz, Kent Geisel, Roy Stinson, Ron Carson, Troy Carson, Tracey Carson and Tricia Stinson.

LAMPMAN - A special day was held in Lampman on Sept. 30 with the grand opening of the Lampman Therapeutic Park.

This project began in the summer of 2022 with Randy Fleck as the project co-ordinator.

The two empty lots where the park is located were donated by Ron Carson and family. Today the park flourishes with trees, shrubs and flowers. It has berry bushes, bird baths and bird houses, while sage grass and sweet grass grow by the medicine wheel.

According to Fleck, the whole idea of the park was to offer a place for people to go, to get away from life’s stresses, and just sit and relax.

The day began with cars pulling in for a car show. Vendors set up their booths to display the goods they had for sale, and a band prepared to entertain the crowd.

Forget’s Caragana Ramblers belted out the tunes once the ceremony was completed.

Fleck took to the stage as the MC, and with it being the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, they acknowledged the day by reading a quoted phrase from the national commission.

Fleck introduced the many dignitaries, which included Cannington MLA Daryl Harrison, Kim Schaff from Affinity Credit Union, and Jared Wagner from JW Landscaping, who was the contractor for the project.

Among those present were Tamara Tkachuk with Outside the Box Landscape Design, who helped design the park; Mayor Jay Jones; Councillors Dustin Ferguson, Glen Fichter and Duane Freedon; Town administrator Teresa Dyke; mentor Glenda Johnson; assistant administrator Lee Ann Karcha, recreation director Alicia Duncan, town employees Richard Kochie, Brenda Schultie and Steve Perry; and Ron Carson and family.

Fleck gave a brief overview of how the park got started with the Canada Community Revitalization Fund grant, the Affinity Credit Union Community Development Fund, the many private donations made in the memory of a loved one for trees and shrubs and the businesses and locals who donated to make this beautiful park.

Fleck thanked everyone for their hard work, saying it was truly appreciated.

It was then the dedication ceremony took place In memory of the late Shirley Carson.

As the Carson family came forward, the unveiling of the large rock with her name on it was revealed. Shirley Carson was a volunteer through and through and never wanted to be recognized for her willingness to help.

For years she ran the kitchen at the Lampman rink, organizing workers, ordering supplies and always wanting to add to the menu, which could include pies and soups for events like bonspiels or tournaments.

Carson, for many years, organized the fall supper at Lampman's Catholic Church and needed to have enough food to feed 200-300 people.

She had decorations for all occasions in her "tickle trunk", although they joked maybe it was a C-can.

Shirley Carson was a caring and loving person who spent a lot of time at the seniors' home. She was always looking for ways to make the building a better place for the residents.

She will always be remembered for her volunteerism and dedication to the Town of Lampman, a community that she loved, and this park is a testament of her life.

“In appreciation we would like to now name this park after a very special lady,” said Fleck. “The Shirley Carson Therapeutic Park.”

They plan to have music in the park as a yearly event, with vendors and a car show, as this park will be there for many years to come.

“The day was beautiful,” Fleck said. “We could not have asked for a better day.”