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Photos: ECS Class of 2022 Grad Parade

The Grad Parade created all sorts of smiles for both grads and spectators alike.

ESTEVAN - For the second straight year, a grad parade, organized by the parents’ committee, happened in the evening. Last year’s happened to give the grads a celebration amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but since it gives the community a chance to salute the grads, it replaced the grand march.  

Grads were sitting and standing on the backs of flat-bed trailers, which were uniquely decorated to match the students’ interests.

Many grads had fun with their floats. One trailer had a sign on the back that said "Just Graduated" and had cans attached to the back.

Students on one trailer provided live music. The students on another trailer toted Super Soaker water guns, which they used to spray the audience on a 30 C day.

The parade started at the Estevan Leisure Centre and wove its way through northeast Estevan until it reached ECS, and then it returned to Affinity Place.

Many spectators turned out to watch the parade, to congratulate the grads on completing Grade 12 and to see the grads in their finest clothes. They cheered wildly as the grads passed by, and while some crowd members left after the grads went by the first time, many others remained until it made a second pass.

Trinda Jocelyn, who co-chaired the committee alongside Jennifer Olfert and Cathy Empey, said it was a fun evening and the kids were excited to be part of it.

“The kids seemed really excited to get on the parade and go and show their outfits off to the community,” said Jocelyn. “The community showed up. It was really nice to look down … King Street and see both sides were just lined right up with people.”

She expected a great turnout, but it exceeded her expectations. The parade is a great way for the entire community to show their pride in the grads, she said.

Grads and parents dedicated time to get the decorating completed.

The kids looked “fabulous” in their outfits, and she finds the fashion trends to be interesting each year. She was thrilled to have an in-person ceremony this year, and for the kids to be able to assemble for grad with their families.
“I think it’s super important that they got to have this day together, and especially with their family all together, all of us in one building, sitting down and celebrating them,” said Jocelyn.