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Police make abusive customers apologize

Report from the Weyburn Police Service for the week of April 16 to 22: During the reporting period, police dealt with 97 calls for service.

Report from the Weyburn Police Service for the week of April 16 to 22:

During the reporting period, police dealt with 97 calls for service. Several calls were for motor vehicle accidents, harassing phone calls, computer scams, noisy parties, and impaired drivers. Several motorists complained about people on skateboards riding carelessly on the city streets after dark.

*A province-wide traffic blitz was conducted on April 18th and 19th, which targeted cell phone usage while driving and not using seat belts.

*On April 22, a customer at the King George injured himself when he fell off the stage.

*Police attended a noisy party at an apartment building on 13th Street.

*Police attended another noisy party on 11th Street.

*On April 21, police attended the 800 block of 4th Street. Two young men were fighting and a weapon was reported to be involved.

*Police were called to Subway restaurant when customers started throwing their food and being abusive to staff.

*A drunken party turned into a fight at 1135 Park Avenue. Two men were separated and neither party wanted to provide a statement for further investigation.

*On April 20, a vehicle was checked leaving the King George Hotel parking lot. The driver was found to be impaired and he was charged.

*Police assisted the Credit Union in examining some $100 bills for counterfeit. The counterfeit bills were first noticed in the province in the Saskatoon area.

*On April 19, an employee from Access Cable had some equipment stolen while working at a housing complex. Police were able to determine who was responsible and the equipment was returned undamaged.

*Two men had a confrontation on the parking lot of a shopping center. The matter was resolved with warnings issued to both men.

*An impaired driver was arrested and charged.

*Police attended a noise complaint on 8th Street.

*On April 18, officers attended the Mac's store after two customers became abusive and threatened the staff. Two men were located a short time later and returned to the store to apologize.

*A woman started an online relationship with someone in Nigeria and she had sent money at his request. When she stopped sending more money, she received threatening texts that she would be murdered.

*On April 17, a car was vandalized by someone scratching the passenger side.

*A vehicle that was parked by the Weyburn Comprehensive School was damaged when another vehicle ran into it. The incident is still being investigated.

*A man who stated he was working for Windows (a computer company) scammed a local resident for $200 to get rid of computer viruses. His objective was to gain access to her computer records.

*After receiving a crime stoppers tip, a stolen boat motor was recovered from a city resident's property. The motor had been stolen about three years ago from a Regina business.

*On April 16, a young man attended the station to complain about harassing phone texts. The tests were determined to originate from a cell phone that had been loaned to a friend.