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Three moose in a Midale backyard

Jennifer Biette had the visitors on Tuesday morning.
Jennifer Biette had some unexpected visitors at her Midale home on Tuesday.

MIDALE - A Midale woman had a surprise waiting for her in her backyard on Tuesday.

Three surprises, to be exact.

Three moose – a mother and two babies – were at Jennifer Biette’s backyard at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. She looked out her window and saw them eating off of a tree.

Biette doesn’t know how long they were there, as they hadn’t done anything to draw her attention.

She noted the moose had been in the town for a while, and they found their way into her backyard. This was the first time that she knows of in which the moose had been on her property.

Biette said she was startled when she saw them, but then she was able to watch them for a little bit.