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Weekly RCMP report

Carlyle RCMP reports that 63 calls were logged from Aug. 19-25. Here's how they appeared from day to day within this period. Aug. 19. A 911 caller reported an alleged assault in Redvers.

Carlyle RCMP reports that 63 calls were logged from Aug. 19-25. Here's how they appeared from day to day within this period.

Aug. 19.

A 911 caller reported an alleged assault in Redvers. It was a domestic dispute and members determined there were no signs of physical assault.

A 19-year-old male received a speeding ticket for $220 after being caught at 150 km/hr.

A caller reported a possible intoxicated driver in the area, the vehicle was not located.

A theft of cheques from a car in Kisbey was reported. There was no damage to the vehicle.

A 57-year-old male was injured after falling off his bicycle in Carlyle.


A caller reported that a stray cat had injured her young son. The animal was caught and will be tested for rabies.

A member of the RCMP pulled into a drive through in Carlyle, and noticed the vehicle in front did not have current plates. It turned out the vehicle was indeed unregistered, and the driver had also been refused renewal of their license. The 48-year-old male received a ticket of $580 for driving an unregistered vehicle, and was ordered to appear in court for driving while disqualified.

A caller reported a possible intoxicated driver on highway 9. Members stopped the vehicle and administered roadside tests. As a result, the person was placed in custody while the vehicle was towed. Charges are being laid.

In Kenosee, a child was hit by a firework. The person setting off the fireworks apologized, and police confiscated the fireworks.

Members were asked to locate a missing person, who turned out to be safe in Regina.

An assault complaint was received from the area and a 22-year-old male was lodged in cells until sober. No charges were laid.

A business in Wawota called to complain about a group of people that had entered the store, distracted the cashier, and made off with some items. Police are investigating.

A break and enter was reported at a house in the area. Investigations continue.

A report of a possibly intoxicated driver led police to talk to a driver about keeping their dog restrained while in the car.

Aug. 21.

A 16-year-old male received a ticket of $440 for driving at 156 km/hr on highway 13.

A 21-year-old man was arrested after urinating in public. He was charged with being intoxicated in a public place.

A 22-year-old female was lodged in cells after being intoxicated in public.

A fire alarm was reported from a business in Carlyle. It was a false alarm.

$120 cash was stolen from a vehicle in Kisbey.

A security company reported that an alarm was going off at a business in Redvers, and they thought a person was still in the building. This was at 3:31 a.m. Members attended and discovered that a vehicle had gone off the road and smashed into the building. A 27-year-old male was charged with driving without due care and attention and also with failing to report the accident to police.

Aug. 22.

An attempted break and enter was reported to a private shop in Wawota. There were no witnesses.

A missing person's call was received. Members investigated and located the person who was only visiting a friend.

A fire was reported at an oil battery south of Wawota.

A complaint was received regarding a quad that was "tearing around" Kenosee Lake area. Members were unable to attend due to handling other matters at the time.

A possible theft of a truck was reported. The caller later said it had not been stolen, only borrowed.

A break and enter was reported at Kisbey Recreation Centre. Some food and cutlery was taken.

A caller reported the theft of some money in the Moose Mountain Provincial Park. There were no witnesses.

Carlyle Town Office called police to request that a trailer be moved from an alley in town as they wanted to work on the road surface.

A caller reported tire marks running across a ditch to a point where their fence was damaged. Later they called back to say they had received a call from an individual who apologized for running into the fence after slipping on fresh gravel. The incident was closed.

Aug. 23.

A caller from Kisbey said that four or five people were fighting in an alley. Members investigated and charged a 36-year-old female with mischief.

Members were asked to help locate a possible missing person. As it turned out, they were at the home of a relative.

A cell phone was reported stolen from under a blanket at Kenosee Superslides.

A call to locate a possibly intoxicated driver, revealed the driver of the truck to be tired as he was driving home from work. No charges were laid.

A hit and run was reported in Redvers after damage was discovered on a vehicle. A report was filed for insurance purposes.

A vehicle was spray painted in Kisbey.

A vehicle was vandalized in Kisbey

A resident of Kisbey called to express concern regarding the recent number of crimes there. Police have stepped up patrols in Kisbey.

A Redvers resident called to request an insurance report after their car was damaged by a pothole.

Two bicycles were stolen from a yard in Kisbey.

A false alarm was reported in Carlyle.

Aug. 24.

Three individuals failed to appear in court and warrants have been issued for their arrest. They are all males in their late teens.

A pit bull puppy was stolen from the area.

A caller phoned to tell police that footsteps were being heard on the deck at the back of the house. Patrols were made but the intruder was not located.

RCMP received information about a possible drug trafficker. A search warrant was issued and the location was searched. No drugs were found, but there was drug paraphernalia in the building.

An erratic driver was reported on highway 9. Police followed the vehicle for ten miles or so, but the elderly driver did not show further signs of dangerous driving. No action was taken.

A broken gas line was reported via the 911 service, after contractors building a deck ruptured the pipe.

A false alarm was received from a business in Redvers.

Saskatchewan Agriculture reported that a cow had been missing for six weeks.

Complaints regarding harassing phone calls to a person in the area are being investigated.

Aug. 25.

A false alarm was received from a business in Redvers.

A 911 call advised that EMS had been sent to Manor following an injury from broken glass. Police determined the injury was not suspicious.