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Weyburn Comp graduates challenged to find success: Valedictorian

The Class of 2024 was encouraged to celebrate and make memories, and to set goals to find success as they move on from the Weyburn Comp School, in the Valedictorian’s address.

WEYBURN – The Class of 2024 was encouraged to celebrate and make memories, and to set goals to find success in their lives as they move on from the Weyburn Comprehensive School, in the Valedictorian’s address by Camryn Greve at the graduation ceremonies on Saturday morning.

The ceremonies were held in Crescent Point Place, and were followed by the grad parade in the afternoon prior to the Grand March.

Principal Renee Cuthbert gave her address, with a greeting from trustee Megan Schick of the Southeast Cornerstone board, and students Mason Sidloski and Kaitlyn Wallin gave the tribute to the teachers. The reply was by Margot Arnold, who is retiring as a teacher after 23 years.

In Greve’s address, she recalled the starting point for the class in Grade 7.

“I remember walking into the Cugnet Centre for the first time and being terrified of all the unknown faces in the room. As I look around now, though, I see the faces of people with whom I have built lifelong connections, and of people who have built similar connections with each other. We have certainly come a long way since Grade 7, but throughout it all we have been able to lean on each other for support,” she said, adding there are things they may forget about in the coming years.

“We will forget what was trendy and what was not. We might even forget the time the musical set off the sprinklers and flooded the Cugnet Centre. We will, however, remember the people we met and how they affected our lives. So, as the year comes to a close, I challenge you to make a positive impact on someone. Pay it forward. Make a new connection. You never know how much your friendship can influence someone, or how they might be changed by knowing you,” said Greve.

Looking ahead to their future endeavours, she encouraged her fellow grads to take the lessons and tools gained from their experiences at the Comp as they move on with their lives.

“Whether your plans for next year involve post-secondary education, entering the work force, heading to Europe on an exchange, or anything in between, I am fully confident that you have all the tools necessary for success. That said, it is now up to us to use those tools effectively. We are responsible for our own success, but more importantly, we are responsible for our determination and attitude,” said Greve.

She passed on a quote from her dad, taken from the movie “Unforgiven”, “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it,” and explained why this was significant to her.

“To me, this quote has always meant that it is up to me alone to achieve my goals, and whether or not I ‘deserve’ them is irrelevant. It reminds me that success is the result of my own discipline and desire to succeed. To my fellow graduates: I hope that you too can find some meaning in these words, and that they motivate you to find success, whatever that may mean to you,” she said.

Noting the “many incredible people” in the Class of 2024, she noted that “In the future, we may become teachers, nurses, welders, artists, doctors, and businesspeople, but for now we are still WCS students. I ask that, during these last couple weeks, you make memories that you can hold on to as we step out of the building for the final time.”

She finished her address with a quote from a favourite song of hers by Billy Joel, “Summer, Highland Falls”. The lyric is, “As we stand upon the ledges of our lives … it’s either sadness or euphoria.”

“Right now, we graduates truly are standing on the ledges of our lives. Today is a day that will define our path moving forward, as we leave behind the life we have known for so long. But, instead of choosing between sadness and euphoria, I think we should make room for both. Allow yourself to feel sadness for the end of such an important period in our lives, but follow up that sadness with hope, excitement, and ambition for the future,” she said.

In her address, principal Cuthbert made reference to the grads’ theme of “Stars”, and encouraged the graduates to shine on in their lives, and face every challenge that will come their way.

“They are a constant reminder of lessons and legends passed on from generation to generation, from culture to culture. Stars shine brightest in the darkest of times. They denote there is something larger and more important than our immediate existence,” she said.

“Just as stars radiate brilliance, your hard work and dedication illuminate your path to success. Every challenge you face and every moment you’ve persevered through have brought you here to this day. Today, you are the stars of our school,” she added. “Stars have long been a symbol of guidance. They provide clarity amidst confusion and uncertainty, and the lessons you’ve learned through countless hours with family, friends will guide you towards making impactful decisions.”

Cuthbert encouraged each graduate to use their radiance to illuminate the lives of others around them, and reminded them they are not alone, as they have family and friends who have been with them to this point in their lives.